Monday, July 16, 2012


The improper White House of the illegal “president” keeps doing the wrong things, thus the above heading. Not that I’m frustrated with this, on the contrary, it makes my heart warm up to see this failed administration go down the drain, due to the Liar-in-Chief and his cronies.

Given the fact that Barry Soetoro has lied most of his life, fact that, along with secret deals that probably will become known after his demise as a president, made him what he is today. A conniving, inept Marxist, who got to the White House thanks to “Spooky Dude” and his cronies like Valerie Jarrett.

I can’t help but think that Valerie’s role is (as well as giving orders), to make sure that Barry sticks to the secret deals that he made with Union Bosses, ACORN (or its spun-out derivatives), the New Black Panthers, SEIU, et al.

From the very beginning of Barry’s semi-adult life, he’s kept what most decent people will call “bad company.”

All of his known mentors had a strong Marxist or Communist streak, so it is no wonder that he thinks like a Communist. Today, he has demonstrated that once more, by claiming that successful business people didn’t make it on their own, someone else made it happen for them. He meant, of course, the government.

As if realizing that his statement was too far out, then he tried to smooth it out with saying that somewhere, there was a teacher or someone else who influenced them.

Obama may be right, somewhere, there were, not one, but a bunch of inept, Marxist teachers who put the brakes on many future entrepreneurs, as most Marxists do. There lies the best argument for homeschooling or school vouchers!

The only ones, who might have escaped the current American public school disaster, are those whose families, sometimes with great sacrifice, were able to send them to private schools.

Recently, I watched the short and wonderful video 180 (as in the “U” turn) and one of the youngsters interviewed, about The Founding Fathers, asked: “What is a Founding Father?” It was part of that video, or one with Stossel from Fox News.

Either way, the point obviously is that the schools are spitting-out a bunch of ignorant nincompoops, with some glorious exceptions. This is without a doubt, one of the factors that make, and will continue to do so, the American youth disadvantaged and uncompetitive against the youth of other nations.

But I digress. The whole adult life of Barry Soetoro is full of lies and deception (the intimidation of voters by some members of the New Black Panthers at voting polls in 2008, the registration of illegal voters i.e. Mickey Mouse several times), are but just a couple of examples.

This could have been dismissed as over-zealous volunteers if Obama had made sure that no hanky-panky went on after inauguration.

Alas, the threats and intimidation of those who disagree with the messiah, kept on occurring non-stop. This administration, like that of Hitler’s or Stalin’s (which have served as models for Obama), has stopped at nothing to get its way, including but not limited to, the shredding of the Constitution of the USA.

If that were not enough, the Marxists in the once sacrosanct Senate, have clearly said that, should they not get the extra taxes on the rich (which will damage the economy even further), they are prepared to allow all the “Bush tax cuts” expire.

That will wreak havoc and ALL Americans will suffer tremendously for it; but it doesn’t matter to the Marxists if they get what they want, which is the chance to blame the Republicans for all the wrong things in America, as they have been doing since Inauguration day.

It sounds to me like the little kid saying, “if I can’t play with you, I’m ‘gonna’ take my toy home and no one will play with it.” In other words, it’s my way or the highway!

Tell me that you think this sounds presidential, or that you expect your president to subject the whole nation to economic chaos for the second time in one term, just to get his way.

From all of the above, one can conclude that this administration has no class at all nor does it care about what happens to the American people!

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero