Sunday, July 8, 2012


Kathy Shaidle recaps latest fallout from Obamacare ruling

Michael Savage
This week, Michael Savage compared Justice Roberts to a traitor during the American Revolution, calling him a “turncoat” and declaring, “Justice Roberts is a sellout. Period” (FREE audio).

Savage also ripped into pundits Charles Krauthammer and George Will, both of whom were determined to spin the Obamacare decision in a positive conservative light.
“They’re both schmendricks,” Savage declared. “Both wrong. Both weak-willed and don’t actually understand what actually just happened to them.”
Savage also castigated Bill O’Reilly for the same sin (FREE audio).
Fox News, said Savage, has “the audacity to have Bill O’Reilly get up there and say that Chief Justice Roberts is a brave man and an honest man who did a conservative thing.
“That’s an utter lie. That is absolute propaganda,” Savage said.
Rush Limbaugh
Never one to refrain from criticizing his own party, Limbaugh also went after Republicans in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Obamacare ruling, especially those desperately trying to find a “silver lining” in Chief Justice Roberts’ decision.
“We’re so used to defeat,” said Limbaugh, “that we try to find a morsel somewhere in the defeat that will make us feel somewhat comfortable and secure, in the midst of huge defeat. What we need to do and what everybody in that town needs to do is get fired up and furious even, and push back and find ways to win and beat this thing back into submission.”
Mark Levin
Mark Levin is no fan of Mitt Romney, but America has no alternative but to defeat Obama in November and put Romney in his place. That was the radio host’s response to a caller who was determined not to vote for the presumed Republican candidate (FREE audio).
Fox News’ Neil Cavuto asked Levin to comment on the Obamacare case, and specifically Chief Justice Roberts’ surprising decision. Levin took the opportunity to repeat his call for term limits for Supreme Court justices (FREE audio).
“If justices want to be political,” said Levin, “then they shouldn’t serve for life, because the American people deserve better than this. And that’s the bottom line. … The fact of the matter is we, the American people, deserve public officials – whether they’re elected or appointed to serve for life or for limited terms – who are going to uphold our institutions. And if not going to do it, there’s 312 million Americans – we’ll find some who can.”
Aaron Klein
Klein revealed the startling comments Barack Obama made to an African-American audience about lowering penalties for crack possession. He also investigated links between Hillary Clinton and the new Egyptian president.
Klein was also joined by stand up comedy legend Jackie Mason, who offered his one of a kind take on the Supreme Court’s Obamacare ruling (FREE audio).
In a break from his serious investigative reporting, Klein is also inviting listeners to name his new puppy, an adorable four-week-old Papillon, by leaving their suggestions at his website.
Laura Ingraham
Ingraham and her guest Fred Barnes, editor of the Weekly Standard, called on Mitt Romney to redouble his attacks on Obama and stop relying on stale “bumper sticker slogans.”
Dan Henninger of the Wall Street Journal explained to Laura and her listeners just how Chief Justice Roberts manipulated and changed the nature and original language of Obamacare in order to justify his favorable ruling.
The topic of climate change prompted a “heated” debate between Kert Davies of Greenpeace and James Taylor from the Heartland Institute, who argued about whether or not global warming was to blame for the summer’s “weird” weather events (FREE audio).
Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck took the week off to celebrate Independence Day with his family, but paused long enough to send his listeners a special message on the Fourth of July.
Beck reminded them, “Freedom is very fragile – in fact, only five percent of all the civilized world throughout history has ever lived with the kind of freedoms we enjoy here in America. That five percent share a frightening commonality: When they lose their freedom, that’s it; they never get it back. And many did lose it, no matter how big, no matter how powerful. Do you want to be part of the generation that fell asleep and allowed America to fall?”
And now, from the left side of the dial …
Is Obama losing support among African-American voters?
Brian Maloney of Radio Equalizer is one of those wondering just that, after two leading black thinkers went on the airwaves this week to criticize the president (FREE audio).
Tavis Smiley and Cornel West have been critical of Obama before, and on their latest radio show, these negative comments continued. The pair were angry at the president for sending a staffer to speak for him at the annual convention of African-American journalists.
Smiley remarked, “[Valerie Jarrett] did in fact say to a room packed full of African-American journalists that the president has genuine love for black people. What’s fascinating about that to me, a few things: number one, that I’ve never heard the president say that. So, to send a surrogate out to tell people that he really loves you is fascinating for me if the president himself doesn’t tell you that I love you. You know that’s like me sending you to tell my momma that I love her.”
Ouch! If this is how two leading black pundits view Obama’s leadership, what might other voters who make up the president’s base be thinking? Perhaps Democrats shouldn’t take the so-called “black vote” for granted this year.