Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Darrell Issa and his investigating team of “Fast and Furious,” strongly believe that no one is above the law (rightly so) and have decided to hold Eric Holder in contempt of Congress.

It seems that POTUS doesn’t agree with them and has invoked Executive Privilege possibly for “anus protectus.”

One must question what damaging information could there be in the requested documents that, a moribund administration would take such a risk to prevent Congress, and of course, the American people from finding out.

In my humble opinion, the whole administration is in contempt of almost everything and should be removed from office p.d.q!

How many people in this administration do you know, who have not violated the Constitution, have not betrayed the voters, or have always had the interest of “We The People” first, at all times?

With the complicity and dishonesty of the Jurassic Media, there are still a surprisingly high number of people who have not comprehended the catastrophic results of the 2008 general election. Duuuh! Anybody home?

Well, of course there is… and then… and obviously… O.K. I give up!

Is there anyone out there who still has faith in this administration? I mean, even Jimmy Carter must have had some redeeming quality, didn’t he?

The current administration appears to have a common denominator: they seem to be truth challenged.

Once more, a warning to ALL Americans who are interested in fixing the problems of the country:

Barry Soetoro is NOT the answer and you only have Mitt Romney to work with. So, forget the one you had in mind if it wasn’t Governor Romney, and rally behind him for you do not have another choice.

This might be the most important election of your lifetime, let’s NOT blow it!

History will not be kind with those responsible for the Obama fiasco and that will include the Jurassic media and “Spooky Dude.”

If there’s ever been a time when I wish I could turn the clock back, this is it.

Tell me something, in spite of my repeated warnings plus those of many other people, how have you prepared yourselves for say, Martial Law?

May God truly Bless America in this hour on need!

Joseph A. Gamero