Sunday, June 24, 2012

Breaking! Sandusky Rightfully Declared GUILTY!

by Rev. Austin Miles

Bellefonte, Pennsylvania (6/22/12) Jerry Sandusky, a coach at Pennsylvania State University (PSU) who brought little boys into the football locker room of PSU, put them in the shower and raped them, was found guilty on 45 counts of child sexual abuse which will carry a sentence of more than life. Sandusky's bail was immediately revoked.

The crowd, gathered outside the courthouse waiting for the verdict from the closed court house, cheered when the jurors came out and announced their decision at 10:15 P.M. EST.

Disturbing issues in this case include the defense attorney, Joe Amendola who, in trying to get Sandusky off, accused the victims of lying for financial gain. He leaked info about the case to the press suggesting that investigators told victims what others had said about Sandusky, encouraging them to bring charges and putting in their heads what they could say. Yea, raping the victims again by calling them liars.

Then there was the coach's wife, Dottie, who said the boys were all lying and were coming on to him (?) and contradicted one victim who was screaming in the basement as he was painfully raped by her husband, saying that she was upstairs and didn't hear a thing. Of course not.

And it appears that she never harbored any suspicions of little boys coming to the house to sleep with her husband in the basement. She covered for him all the way. She was aiding and abetting a hideous crime playing over and over in her house. Isn't 'aiding and abetting' a criminal offense?

NBC TV edited an interview, cutting out an explosive statement by Sandusky that would have verified what he had been doing. Why would they try to hide anything he said that might show him the pedophile he is? Why were they protecting him?

And Pennsylvania State University bears heavy responsibility for keeping quiet about the obvious, including eye witness accounts regarding Sandusky raping little boys in the locker room showers on the PSU campus. Why was nothing done?

PSU will be sued for millions and should be. Even so, money (which will help with counseling costs for each victim), will not erase the emotional damage that will follow them for the rest of their lives.

Let's hope that PSU will show responsibility and settle this in a compassionate manner and not add to a very negative perception of that university that has emerged. Insurance will pay most of the lawsuit settlements. It is hoped they will handle this phase properly.

Sandusky robbed his victims of their very souls, and [that] they cannot get back easily, if at all. Some will be in physical pain from ripped rectums and emotional pain that will leave permanent mental scars. Many will be unable to sustain any kind of relationship in the future, will distrust authority, meaning cops, anybody in a uniform, school teachers and even future employers.

Many more will turn to drugs and alcohol. Then, others will become pedophiles themselves. The abused becomes the abuser.

THIS is what Coach Jerry Sandusky has contributed to the world with the help of PSU, his wife, a misguided attorney, and the liberal news media.

It was satisfying to see this scum bag deviant led out of the court room in handcuffs to a waiting sheriff's car to take him to jail and later to prison for life.
As he was led out there were jeers from the crowd with one yelling out, "Rot in Hell!"

Sandusky's life is over....thank God. But for his victims, their's is just beginning in a tangled jungle of emotional pain that will be tough to navigate through.a.m What he did to those little boys can never be erased. Their lives are forever altered.

Watching him come out in cuffs, he possessed the same features and smirky look as John Brockdorf. He was the Den Master of Cub Scout 62 in Salinas, California, and was every bit as sexually violent to the little cub scouts that parents placed in his hands as Sandusky was to the little boys he coaxed into his basement and the showers at PSU..

Brockdorf was finally arrested and put in prison where he was executed by other prisoners. He will never hurt another little boy.

And why on earth was Sandusky cuffed with his hands in front of him instead of behind him as is usual? Because that is a courtesy. For what reason?