Thursday, June 14, 2012

All Hoosiers Are Vulnerable to the Abuse You Experienced

George Adams

I am scared.  My property taxes were raised 300 percent this year. My house, the city says, is worth $178,000.  Funny, I bought it for $30,000.  The Common Council is getting out of hand. The members voted themselves a 2 percent raise in salary this year.

A lot of folks are on fixed incomes; what are they to do?  Eat dog food?  The council also shut down our house for emancipated youth striving for education that my wife and I established, saying it was in violation of zoning.  Another funny thing is that there are other homes on the same street with multiple families in them, I know. Something very wrong here !

John Meracle, South Bend
Voice of the People, South Bend Tribune, 6-9-12


It is unfortunate that you are on the receiving end of corrupt government.  South Bend residents are wildly enthusiastic in supporting corrupt politicians, who are only too happy to kick you and your community in your behinds.

The record will show that there was a movement a few years ago to replace property taxes with funding sources less abusive to Hoosiers.  Our B. Patrick Bauer would not allow this tax reform to come up for discussion or debate.  Why ?  Because property tax is the most abusive form of taxation, as you have learned from your sad experience.  As one of our most crooked leaders, Bauer loves property taxation.

One out of every five South Bend residents are below the poverty limit.  Local councilmen, commissioners, and mayor are working to increase poverty as a means to an end – and that end is dependency.  People on the public dole will continue to vote Democrat.  That is why the Democrat slogan is “We love poor people, and we want to keep them that way.”

Please consider how tax policy and strategic legislation can be “played” to advance social engineering.  In St. Joseph County, we have the 100,000 people of South Bend controlling the 280,000 population of the County.  Just ask any of your Mishawaka or Granger friends if they are franchised to vote the crooks in South Bend out of office.  The set-up here is brilliant, and is just that – a “set-up”.  The ruling class has a lock on continuing power.

Our liberal, progressive, socialist – whatever name they are using these days – government is based upon the premise that everyone likes to get kicked in their behinds.  Consider the lying, robbery of citizens, cheating, murder, covetousness of class envy, and every other evil that is being passed off as acceptable these days and you should be able to perceive that liberalism and socialism represent equal-opportunity destruction.

It would be far better for everyone if South Bend residents could learn from the record of history.  But they cannot.  After over 50 years of self-imposed economic destruction, they endorsed Fabian Socialist, Pete Buttigieg. 

As they say, “Every dark cloud has a silver lining.”  Since SB residents endorse leadership that has a 50-year record of robbing its citizens blind, as we see increase in locals getting their behinds kicked by those they enthusiastically support, we see hope . . . our redemption draweth nigh. 

John, if you really want to escape the abuse of local government, 1) move away from St. Joseph County, 2) get involved in a patriot group, and 3) eschew liberal, socialistic candidates in your voting habits.