Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Light Rail Laundry

Gary Bray

Keep yourselves in God’s LOVE as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring you to eternal life. Jude 1:21

People wonder why the politicians are so enamored by a transportation system which is as inefficient a way of moving people as Light Rail. Every train that has ever been used for transportation has never made money or been a convenient method to get from where you are to where you are going. Never mind a car is far more efficient in every category, the city pols need trains and all the graft and corruption they represent. The only people who benefit from Light Rail projects are those politicians who can buy off the union construction workers who then pay dues to their union bosses who return it to the politicians. Light Rail is nothing more than a money laundry for the city machine.

The last thing these politicians want to do is to have the people vote on rail. They know just like the dozen times before it will go down in flames like a train going off a blown up bridge. The people know the Billions spent will never be returned and is only going to be poured into a hole and then that hole will continue to get deeper and deeper. They have enough suckers sold on the belief of global warming and trains are somehow a way to lower the warming so the waste can be excused. They believe in the symbol of Light Rail rather than the reality of spending huge amounts of money to have trains running around the city, proving you are concerned about the earth. Enough of the willing dupes are so faithful to their earth religion they will ignore all the negatives to march like lemmings into financial disaster for their misguided cause.

Unlike the committed Rail believers the other 75% of the population is being drug into this fiasco in spite of the fact they understand the monumental shortcomings of rail and all its trappings. The problem for the majority is the minority are in positions of power and have ultimate control of the decision. The minority have spent their lifetimes as liberals to obtain these critical positions which bypass the public and dictate their will in disregard of the majority’s wishes. The majority realize that the car is by far the most efficient means of transportation today, tomorrow and into the future except the ruling minority is at war with it.

No matter how much lipstick they apply to this Porker the ridership never goes past 3% of the potential riders while cars maintain around 90% and they continue to fund the Pork. Just like their friends in the Global Warming fraud these corrupt planners use excuses such as carbon inventory or earth climate protection and other environmental phraseology. They don’t speak a language most people outside of their cult would understand however they not only understand those clichés, they are completely sold on them. These phrases make them sound more evolved than the people around them as well as more open to offer a “variety” of transportation options. What that variety always means is fire up the money laundry and generate some campaign funds from their union buddies.

There is next to no graft or political favors in roads so they are never considered in the mix as well as not being an earth friendly choice so they always settle on their favorite boondoggle. Anybody who thinks Light Rail is about transportation, environmental improvement, financial stimulus or community development has not been paying attention and may want to invest in a bridge across the Willamette. Unfortunately most of the mayors of our towns have been bought off by Snailrail in the hopes that these Federal/State Works projects work so they believe they are helping the economies of their cities when they are doing just the opposite. Everywhere rail goes a Light Rail ghetto follows it within a few short years as the planners once again find people have no interest in living next to a train, especially when they make sure their developments are devoid of parking. So what always ends up developing is nobody lives within 500 yards of this earsore and becomes a wasteland.

So now we have a growing group of people who are standing in the way of these dictatorial planners who are exposing the rail blight for what it is. They are shouting from the rooftops that we can’t afford these monuments to arrogance and corruption no matter if they were efficient, we don’t have the money. They are making these old world planners have to give real reasons why we need such a waste rather than liberal clichés and platitudes. These fighters are willing to stand up against the common group think and point out that these ideas have no merit and that frightens the local ruling class. These rebels are standing in the way of the giant corrupt machine of the media, the DNC and Metro which is the classic David against Goliath.

How ironic these 60s idealists have become thugs and bullies who have been bought off by corruption and power and are willing to do whatever it takes or run over whoever stands in their way to pour money in their giant pork project. These idealists will not listen to the weak since they sold their souls long ago and simply justify it with false catch phrases to numb their conscious. To imagine after being a protestor all your life you will do whatever it takes to make sure the little people don’t have the right to be heard rather than herded. That is when you know you have truly arrived at the end of your line.

Pray for America