Monday, May 21, 2012


I've listened today, once more, to the pathetic, illegal, poor facsimile of a president, the American people saw imposed on them, by a team of unscrupulous cheaters, who signed up as legal voters, the dead, the fictional characters they could remember (Mickey Mouse, was signed-in multiple times), etc. As a current back-up to the previous statement, let me mention about the 53,000 dead voter's names found, thus far, in the state of Florida. Only in America can the dead continue to vote per in secula seculorum!

Anyway, as I was saying, I've listened to what Barry Soetoro had to say today, frankly, I'm not impressed, but what else is new? Among other silly things, he said something to the effect that "If you say I know how to make a lot of money for investors, you're missing the point of what this job (the presidency) is all about. This job is about moving forward."

Mr. "president," you've been living in Wonderland, where up is down, left is right and forward is backward, for far too long. The country has been going backwards for close to four years and you don't even know it!

Sir, this job is about getting out of the way and allowing the free enterprise to do what it has done for the better part of its history, before the "Progressives" decided to screw everything up!

This job is about knocking down all the artificial barriers that your Communist colleagues have built to stifle success and allow the risk-takers to do their thing. Risk taking involves not only success, but also failure and, your job is to not interfere and allow people to fail, not to bail them out. Your job is NOT to force the taxpayer's to use THEIR money to stop bad decision-makers from learning thru failure. So get the EPA, the Food Police, back into their leash and get America going!

Either that, or you, personally, get out of the way, admit your own failure and go back to community organizing, which seems to be your thing. Sorry sir, but you're the best argument for the well-known Peter Principle.

To prove my point, your attitude has been inspiring a great deal of misunderstanding about the Constitution and American Law. For example, take the unbelievably unknowledgeable Social Studies teacher in North Carolina, who recently bullied a student who asked a question about your doing, when the teacher went berserk. He had the gall to even say that the student could be charged with a crime, just for expressing himself as the First Amendment guarantees him he can do. How will this "teacher" be punished for bullying a student this way?

In Hitler's time, it was against the "law" to criticize the F├╝hrer and it could earn you a one way trip to a concentration camp.

In Stalin's Russia, speaking ill of the dictator meant a sure way to a gulag. In Franco's Spain, such a thing will warrant a long time in jail and same for Mussolini's Italy.

Which one of them are you trying to surpass?

In less than four years, you have managed to:

Alienate your Muslim friends to the point that they no longer fear the wrath of the U.S.A.

Subvert a great part of the Middle East by letting them fall into the hands of the radical Muslims.

Convince Israel that the U.S.A. might no longer be its best friend.

Alienate most American businesses so that due to lack of trust in your administration, they are not creating the jobs as they would have, if a normal president were at the helm. I mean, most American businesses, because we must exclude those who benefited from your protection, and received plenty of the taxpayer's money to either survive or be created.

Impose upon an overwhelmingly unwilling population, your Marxist dream of a government controlled health care aberration.

Again against the overwhelming opposition of Americans, you insist on opening the borders to as much illegal immigration as you can get in, knowing that it will guarantee votes for your Marxist controlled party, as Acorn and its ilk will try to sign them up as voters.

Largely contribute to the worst economy since the Great Depression.

The "hope and change" so enthusiastically received in 2008, has finally depressed even your supporters and all we hear is that "there's no hope and you can keep the change."

Not only not fix the problems the country had, but to increase the size of the government to almost the point of no return.

Promise jobs, jobs, jobs, and never delivered.

Became the reason for the unification of the GOP, so America can be liberated from its huge 2008 mistake.

In spite of your promise to have the most transparent administration ever, America still doesn't know anything about you, your past or your origins.

Instead of making America less dependent on foreign oil, you have assured the dependency will be greater as time goes by.

Now, Mr. President, with all of the above, I still have confidence that, once you realize the truth of these statements, you'll do the decent thing and get out of the way because, after all, this is your country and you love it, right?

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero