Monday, April 30, 2012


And this is LOVE: that we walk in obedience to his commands. As you have heard from the beginning, his command is that you walk in LOVE. 2 John 1:6

President Noilbama gave a passionate speech on the need to stop those evil oil speculators who have been driving the price of gas up. If he was serious about it he would pass an executive order making the Democrat Party illegal since they have been speculating the oil prices up for four decades. Everything you eat, drink or live in is completely founded on the price of energy. When you break down the building blocks of every item that is consumed you will find energy is what made or harvested it and that energy was the primary cost to make it. If you want to control or perhaps destroy a country you would simply artificially inflate the price of energy and you have those people at your control.

Like my daddy always said, “You can lead a liberal to water but you can’t drown him.” The Democrats and their militant friends in the EPA, Sierra Club and enviro-worshipers have been at war with oil and coal for decades. They understand if you want to destroy America you go after the soft underbelly of energy so they have been using every excuse and legal hurdle to make cheap energy impossible. These are the true commie believers who think they can run a more fair and just society than capitalism so they are going about killing their enemy by starvation. This is why we have not had a serious energy policy in over thirty years because 5% of the population controls that energy and wants to stop its production to kill America.

These are the hardcore communists who fell in love with Castro and Khrushchev in the 60s and now all of us are paying for their ascension to power. Their goal from the time he banged his shoe on the podium was to turn our capitalist system with all of the evil Bourgeois into a more fair and equal by their standards, country who would not bow to the powerful and evil rich. They then teamed with the environmental movement with the help of the DNC and media, began a campaign against oil and coal that it was too polluting. This took various scare campaigns like lead in gas causing brain damage, acid rain and now global warming. None of these could ever be verified but when you have the media powers like ABDNC and Hollywood vilifying and amplifying these myths became reality to destroy our energy industry.

Their latest booger man of course is the mysterious speculator. He will be vilified and brought up into the District of Corruption to be pilloried by a bunch of sanctimonious crooks who have been speculating the price of oil up their entire lives, for the greater good. Now we have a President who is trying to drive the final stake into the engine of capitalism by closing down both coal and oil which are the cheapest form of energy ever developed which will starve more people and cause more pain but in his eyes is justified by bringing a Cuban style gummit to America, making us pay for what we have done around the world.

The part these commie libs don’t understand is the amount of pain and suffering these high priced goods and services cost due to the added costs. The ones who pay the most are the poor and elderly since the higher prices stretch budgets beyond the breaking point and they begin choosing between fuel and food. Since everything is based on the price of oil and coal when you double those prices you eventually double the price of everything else driving up the cost of living. He will justify it that there is some gummit program to sustain them and he can go on his merry way of killing this country, but do these people really want to live a sustenance lifestyle or would they rather be working and moving forward?

He could lower the level of poverty in less than three years by simply taking off the war on oil and coal. By doing that he would lower the prices of energy by over 50% and the costs of living would drop dramatically. There would be disposable income for people to spread money around and create jobs and opportunities for poor and rich alike. This would allow for further development of more and lower cost energy reigniting an economy that has forgot what a low cost sustainable energy source actually was. We have more oil and coal than any country in the world and there is only 5% of the population that is keeping the 95% from enjoying the benefits of those sources.

It is time to send the 5% to their Caribbean paradise and leave the rest of us alone. If they want a communist utopia there is one 90 miles off the coast that would welcome them with open work camps. This brings us to the absolute hypocrisy of those who want to starve you of energy but never require that of themselves. These people are in the inner circle so they use energy like no tomorrow as they fly from one posh destination after another speaking to the choirs in places like Cancun, NY, Miami, and Europe and everywhere they can get donations to promote their anti-oil agenda. They make millions off the destruction of America and live the life of the rich and famous while those that pay the price of their lavish lifestyle decide between beans and a quarter tank of gas. Those poor suckers at the gas pump have to understand the caviar justifies the means streak. These are the most selfish people on the planet and the true speculators. They speculate in misery.

So when Ohbummer claims we need to put an end to speculators, we have to agree. Let’s start with him and the enviro-worship lobby that is driving those oil prices up. We should end the speculation that is being done by the DNC standing in the way of a common sense and sustainable energy plan that encompasses everything especially oil and coal. Let’s penalize speculators in the Stone Age Press and SoddomWood to force them to tell the absolute truth about cars being the most efficient form of transportation ever invented. Let’s stop their speculation through vilifying the car and how it is not destroying the world when in reality they are the ones destroying it. Have them point out their own hypocrisy as these overpriced marvels of the knife need to understand not everyone can afford to fly to Monaco whenever they want to have a night out and how their movies are absolutely destroying people’s lives. Yes Mr President, let’s put an end to oil speculation; let’s start with you.

Pray for America

Gary Bray