Friday, April 6, 2012

Inside the White House

If anyone says, "I LOVE God," yet hates his brother, he is a liar. For anyone who does not LOVE his brother, whom he has seen, cannot LOVE God, whom he has not seen. 1 John 4:20
Oh the man child is beginning to feel the pressure. He has never had to actually achieve anything in real life, living his life as a protected minority in guilt obsessed academia has to now actually accomplish something or face a humiliating defeat. In addition to the Country beginning to ax questions about the benefits of having $5/gal gas there appears to be huge weaknesses in his most dependable groups even after his staged war on women and 60s racism redo. Sources inside the White House are saying his poll numbers have completely collapsed which is why he went on his incoherent rants, to fire up his fading base.

Unlike the optimistic polls the Obamedia cheerleaders are promoting our source inside the campaign are seeing the women's vote has abandoned him as has the Hispanics. He has long since lost the independent vote which took him to office trailing in the neighborhood of 65-35 among the likely voters. The big surprise by his pollsters was the loss of nearly 25% of the Black vote which may not vote for a Republican but there is real fear that they will not show up just like 2.10. Now he has to rally the troops for the first time in his life and has nothing to use since everybody is beginning to realize he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer with the personality of a wet mop.
How difficult or brilliant is it to continue to chant, take from the earners and give to the slackers! His problem is that he is no longer in some commie loving university classroom where everybody are eighteen year olds and feeling guilty for having successful White parents. He doesn't have a bunch of tenured navel gazers spewing how great communism works while waiting for their monthly gratis. No, he is now nearly in the real world and seeing real results of his communist experiments and beginning to understand that socialism has its costs and he is leading a Country tired of his experiments. America is clearly saying it is ready to turn back to capitalism.
Our White House mole is saying that none of their usual street theater is working. Just like the Occubowel movement which they believed would turn into an Arab Spring never had any bounce, and the war on women fell flat. The latest Cherub shooting which they hoped would bring back the 60s race riots has only reminded America of why they tired of Fat Al and Jessie Jackass in the first place. It's leaders like that to make you glad you are White. Everybody in America knows that he only cares about this death because he is an absolute racist which tanked his White vote even more than it was already.
Now that the truth is not matching his kneejerk overreaction so the sucker moms are starting to understand it was likely a guy shot a punk in self defense. Some are even axing why he doesn't care when people are killed that doesn't look like his kids? There is a certain pleasure watching someone being slowly hoisted on their own petard.
So here he sits watching his crown jewel about to get crushed into glass by the Supreme Court. Just like everything he touches it loses and our sources are saying the numbers at the Court are even worse than they are hinting. The court was not impressed with his arguments or the underlying bill so it is going to be heading to the shredder in three months along with what remains of his chances of winning. Unless they can turn around the mass exodus of the chick vote which there was a blip from the shooting of the innocent 10 year old and now that is disappearing as the angel is turning into another gangsta. It is so bad he is worried he may only get 85% of the media vote. It has been a tough week for our commie organizer.
The final nail according to our source is they are barely covering their expenses in the fundraising. If not for the millions saved by using gummit money for most of their campaign, they would be underwater. Not only are their phones and websites not ringing, many of his big donors are not picking up their phones. Once you get out of Hollywood/NY hypocrites there is very little interest in their campaign leaving him begging for money all over the world and coming up empty. Even the local candidates are treating him like he has George Bush on the campaign trail. Rumors are flying around the White House that his chances are getting so desperate he has sent his resume to Harvard.
If you don't believe my source than simply next time he gives a speech and turn off the volume and see the fear in his eyes. He knows he is going down in flames and will be nothing more than a reminder to America what happens when it lets its guard down and nominates a hardcore commie. In the end you get what you deserve and we need those examples of why you should never listen to PravdABDNC since they are for slavery and the RNC is for allowing a certain amount of freedom but not much. For the real friends of Freedom you need to continue pushing candidates who will put freedom in front of politics and never stop.
Pray for America

Thank You