Friday, March 23, 2012

Three million missing workers have given up finding jobs in America

Gordon Bishop On The Issues
People are expecting things to keep "getting better" as the unemployment rate declines.
On the surface, it may appear this way.
But more than 3 million workers have disappeared from the workforce.
They've simply given up hope of finding a job in America.
Welcome, Obama ERA! He is the first socialist-Marxist-Communist to sit in the Oval Office of the White House.
Obama has bankrupted America with his endless borrowing of (up to now) some $18 trillion dollars.
Ironically, Communist China is loaning their Communist friend Obama trillions and trillions of dollars with 14 percent interest.
America's losers are our children, grandchildren, great grand children, great, great grandchildren....
There is no end to this madness. Only a socialist, Communist "Street Organizer" from the crooked city of Chicago would destroy the United States of America by destroying our economy.
If those three million were still counted in the numbers, unemployment would be well over 10 percent -- 1 in every 10 Americans can't find a job to support their family.
 For the record, Barack Hussein Obama is a British citizen by birth. When he campaigned for the presidency, "Bam" (as some folks call him) announced he was a "Citizen of the World."
Because he hates America and its Judea/Christian society.
Obama comes from an Islamic World, reading the Koran -- not the traditional Bible of Western Civilization.
This crazy, pro-terrorist really believes he can walk on Water!
Basketball, yes.
Jesus Christ, no.
Let Freedman Ring, a national public policy non-profit organization committed to promoting Constitutional government, economic freedom and traditional values, is releasing a video called "Missing Workers" that highlights these three million workers.
"President Obama is claiming success in lowering the unemployment rate, but this isn't success," said Colin Hanna, president of Let Freedom Ring.
"Three million workers are missing from the labor force, tragically given up hope that they will ever find a job. If they were still looking for a job, unemployment would be over 10 percent. We can do better and we must."
Let Freedom Ring is hosting the web video on which offers an alternative vision for America, one where jobs are created through growth, not temporary government programs.
"We can do better and we must," says the video, "better with strong economic  growth created by getting government out of the way and empowering individual Americans with the opportunity to pursue their dreams freely.
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Obama should get rid of his leftist bureaucrats in his socialist Administration, and save America's taxpayers
(Gordon Bishop is in  'Who's Who in the World' and is New Jersey's First Journalist-of-the-Year--1986,New Jersey Press Association, founded in 1857.)