Monday, March 5, 2012

The Party of Sluts and Nuts

This is LOVE: not that we LOVED God, but that he LOVED us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. 1 John 4:10

Once again the commie libs are feigning outrage at Rush for calling one of their sexist props a slut. Why does this woman have her hand out to the gummit for birth control when the men have as much claim to being reimbursed for the steak and movie he had to shell out so she would put out? Or in this sexist man hater's case, reimbursed for the Wendy's and Netflix? Does this weak smoke and mirrors routine actually work on women when this is nothing more than another attack on the Catholic Church to force them to pay for future abortions written in the Deathcare bill? Do women really think with their ovaries when the basis of this argument is taking away the separation of church and state?

The separation of Church and State the ACLU is citing every time they see a Nativity is actually the stopping of the state from interfering with a person's right to worship God however they wish. You will see these anti-American activists going to the mat for a Mooselip mosque nearly as hard as they will work at protecting Americans from Christ. You will see them attacking the Catholic Church 24/7/365 and twice on Christmas and Easter which are the two biggest days of the year for fundamental atheists. Worshipping Christ sends them into an absolute panic. We certainly know the Georgetown prop is likely an atheist who is at war with men, America and God so this gives her the perfect springboard or so she thinks. When her five minutes are up she will find the DNC used her like a stripper at a bachelor party.

This entire made up issue was to take America's eye off the ball which is laying pipe. By not laying the Keystone Pipe, 100% of Americans are paying an extra $200-$500 per month on higher gas, electric and food costs. If we had a Party in power that was less interested in forcing churches to worshipping at their holy sacrament of killing babies and would allow energy to be developed naturally then women like this selfish coed would have plenty of money left over for birth control. Heck, her boyfriends may even be able to buy a nice bottle of wine after dinner? Of course if you can afford a fifty thousand a year education but can't afford ten bucks a month for birth control then she may only have a future in gummit? Becoming a lawyer should be our first clue that she has a selfish parasite mentality. What a very cheap Organ Grinder Monkey they came up with this time, all she needed were cymbals and a fez.

The second smokescreen they have brought back out was those evil oil speculators are causing gas to go up, yawn! As a longtime commodity trader in the lumber business, there is no way speculators can move a market and especially a market as immense as the oil market. The market moves the market and oil speculators are simply slaves to the market, if they guess right they make some money and if not they lose twice that much.

The way is works is to distribute all those billions of barrels of oil they need a wholesale distribution network. The distributors at giant wholesale houses buy and sell contracts of oil to smaller distributors who divide those and sell to even smaller and so forth until it reaches the different users. This is far more efficient than a disorganized method of everybody buying from the producers and having producers spending all their time selling and distributing. They are efficient at producing and then sell the product to the distributors to take it to markets which are what distributors are efficient at doing which is exactly how capitalism works.

Any step along the way a producer or distributor can take or produce extra or less depending on which way the market is moving. If a distributor believes there is an interruption of normal supply he may buy extra or speculate in anticipation of higher prices and sell for an extra profit although if he guesses wrong he loses extra which is why there is a secondary market protecting against prices going lower or hedging their bet. If he thinks the market is going down he sells extra and buys the oil later at a lower price. No matter how high the market runs there are always other competitors forcing them to keep their prices in line or the customer will go elsewhere to buy at a lower price and leaving the distributor with the possibility of having high priced oil in a down market and losing money. Commodities are emotional markets as we saw two years ago when everybody predicted $250/bbl oil due to wars and shortages which never occurred so traders like Madeoff lost their shirts and went bankrupt as did Enron over the tumble in Nat Gas in the nineties holding too many high priced contracts they sold at huge losses. Going bankrupt is the risk that goes with the rewards in capitalism.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to see when Ohbummer cancelled the Keystone pipeline that oil was going to rise from its 80/bbl level it was at and climb to the 106 it is at now. Since 75% of the cost of gas is raw material which has risen 30% you would expect gas to climb from $3.30/gal to around $4 which it has. There is no magic in the equation or conspiracy, it is simply Barack Hussain Ocommie getting in the way of the efficient market and causing friction due to his ideology. The market wanted to have a river of oil coming from the producers to the refiners in an efficient pipeline but obama got in the way so now the market is reacting to that interruption. Even if it goes to China it isn't as simple as pumping it to Houston even though China will likely ship lots of it to Houston by ship. He can blame anything he wants including Bush but it all boils down to his stopping the pipeline causing this latest run on the price of gas which would be around $2/gal if not for the DNC.

So he can have his mainstream press secretaries attempt to turn the subject into some bimbo wanting to spread the wealth around or Nancy blaming those evil speculators, but every time you fill your tank you can thank Barak for the extra burden. You can thank all of the earth worshipers who believe if you drill for oil you are killing a Polar Bear and hurting Ma Earth. You can look at the extra you are paying at the gas station or the grocery store as your tithes you have to pay no matter if you worship or not, so they can be "good" people. Where is the American Commie Lawyers Union about this separation of church and state?

So if Mz Feminist wants us to pay for her BC she should ask Obama to lay some pipe across Canada rather than her Georgetown dorms. Rather than having to call his prop for his sleight of hand feigned outrage he picks up the phone and calls the Canadian Prime Minister and says he is going to begin to solve the oil crisis by increasing our supply long term and pump some Canadian oil rather than Saudi. This would drop costs more than enough to pay for her pills. We know this will never happen so they will continue to use these sexist arguments trying to trick women into becoming more concerned with birth control rather than about how they are going to fuel and feed their families in the future? This is a desperate play by a desperate Party.

Pray for America

Gary Bray