Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nominate Romney and Lose

Gary Bray 

This is how we know what LOVE is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers. 1 John 3:16

We just lost a special election here in Oregon where the establishment ran a self described moderate and lost twice in a row. When all of the experts try to explain that you have to run the perfect candidate to satisfy the moderates you need to ask them by what proof do they come up with that truth? There is more proof of Global Warming than moderate candidates winning elections so why do we treat it as gospel? As they point to all the Tea Party candidates who cost us elections we have seen in liberal Oregon that moderates don't fare any better and will be painted as rabid conservatives so why not run rabid conservatives who can defend themselves.

We ran a really nice guy who has a great family and is a small business owner who in many ways agrees with conservatives however he never really understood conservatism or how it relates to freedom. He not only didn't have the ability to articulate it but he was told to make sure not to say anything that would offend the moderates or the media so he didn't. In addition, the campaign as well as the Party used every means possible to make sure the volunteers never came in contact with the people to potentially say something that would offend them or the media. So to control the message and make sure no Tea Party message went out they ran the entire outreach by phone. What we ended up with was a vanilla campaign and unenthused voters who never showed up with their ballots.

The excuses are as varied as the imaginations of those who ran this anemic campaign, from being outspent 5 to 1 or a 14% voter registration margin to mailers that lied, but in the end the Republicans never showed up. When you don't excite the conservatives you don't get the money or their votes. These of course are obstacles to a campaign but they can be overcome by an aggressive attack with a candidate who can take the fight to the enemy. You will never beat the Dems by playing defense since they will always fire up their troops and get their voters out at the end.

We tried helping by running a strictly grassroots campaign to try to finally break the 35 year drought our district has had electing Dems and in the end couldn't do it. We were hamstrung by the Party and the campaign to the point of our precinct organizers being told not to organize their precincts or go door to door for fear of them saying the wrong thing. When they were asked if they could go door to door to bring in the ballots for our vote by mail we were told absolutely not, they only wanted phone callers and nothing else. This is so they could protect their precious message of nothingness.

As bad and incompetent as this campaign may have appeared it is a perfect mirror of what the Mitt campaign will look like. Just like Oregon the national experts know exactly how and who to promote to win the election and manage the message. They believe they have the perfect vanilla anti-Tea Party message to win over those movable moderates when what they think they know is the exact opposite. Nationally we need a strong crusader for our message to move and educate those moderates or we will have the same exact result we had for our election. There is no difference between Oregon and the liberal cities. The free stuff message Ohbummer will be spreading which will be going against a stiff liberal Republican trying to outgive him and will never work.

With Mittwit we are heading down the path of destruction of the Party. Not only will it further divide the Tea Party from the Country Club as it did here it has almost zero chance of succeeding. We need to unite the Party and the only one who has a chance of doing that is a Conservative. A Conservative can bring the Tea Party on board where half of your activists exist as well as reluctantly bring the Country Club as they have to compare him to Ocommie which should be no comparison even to them. Our election should be a huge warning that in a district that could have been won was lost by the experts in the Country Club who manipulated, bought and used Stalinist central planning techniques to manage the loss.

They will blame the voter imbalance, money and any number of excuses but it is a very good primer of what is going to happen in the fall if we nominate Romney who does not generate enthusiasm from the Conservative base and the Party relies on moderating their way to victory. His stiff demeanor will not connect with liberals and will be painted as a radical, rich, old guy Conservative no matter how liberal he actually is. He will have no defense against those charges other than being more liberal and alienating the base who won't vote.

The bottom line is here in Oregon we were lectured and manipulated by the so called experts how this candidate gave us the perfect opportunity to win and the experts were wrong. These experts are either incompetent, corrupt or in alliance with the other side. In the end they get paid the same whether the candidate wins or loses so what have they got to lose. These managers are not ideologues but hired guns to manage a campaign and as long as the phone calls are being made and meetings being attended then the losses were managed well.

Our election is a warning to America that their moderate theory is flawed. Choose wisely since there are some powerful people wanting this election to turn out exactly how they would like. Don't let what happened to Oregon happen to America so be a bit pragmatic to unite and work hard for Gingrich to defeat the Country Club. He is not perfect but right now it is him or the Moderate Republican establishment and a sure loss to Obama just like Oregon.

Pray for America

Gary Bray