Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Contrary to some people's belief, I do not think Barry Soetoro is stupid; I may think that he is many things, but stupid is not one of them.

I don't think he's incompetent either, on the contrary, he's quite competent although millions fail to understand what he is, successfully, trying to accomplish. They also fail to understand that he has one master and it is NOT "We The People."

Many Americans don't see who Barry Soetoro works for and no, it isn't "Spooky Dude" either. "SD" is also working for his own masters: The Illuminati by whatever name you wish to call them.

The Elite, which supports One World Order, know that the U.S.A. is their biggest obstacle to achieve their goal and having understood that, proceeded to "build" something akin to several fast-food chains: a president created out of phenomenal advertising, yet, with no "meat" to offer.

Have you ever wonder how a nobody, coming out of nowhere, with no record or history available for scrutiny, no experience whatsoever and no money of his own, could pull a hoax like this one and become Top Dog of the most powerful nation in the world?

Barry has earned the nick-name of the most anti-American president in the history of the country. Do you realize the kind of lying, cover-up and false premises needed to create such an animal? Frankenstein, move-over!

Religions are blocking the pathway to One Global Governance, which is why, the left has been pushing against them for over one hundred years. Homosexual "equality"? Nonsense, those people don't give a hoot about either homosexuals or equality, but it is one more way to dismantle Christianity as well as all major religions which condemn homosexuality.

Now, the deceiver-in-chief, has made a blunt move against Catholicism which, hopefully, will prove to be the greatest mistake of his usurping presidency.

What is he trying to accomplish? By making enemies out of all principled Catholics, he risks what I hope will happen: all Christians could be united in a common front. This is well beyond religious rivalries, and "my pop is bigger that your pop," sort of thing.

The survival of FAITH AND FREEDOM  are at stake here; Rome, Luther, Calvin et al, are not the problem. The triumph of Global Government, thru Marxism, is.

Here is your chance to call Barry a liar, by proving to the world that the USA is STILL a Christian nation, contrary to his evil speech in Cairo after inauguration!

So far, Barry has been extremely competent at the task assigned to him: the destruction of the USA, the collapse of the economy (potentially world-wide), the destabilization of the world order (Egypt, Libya, etc., now in the hands of the enemies of freedom),  and the resulting famine, disorder, etc., that will bring about the chaos the left is longing for, out of which, the Soviet-style revolution could emerge.

It's that simple!

That's why I said that I don't think Barry is stupid, on the contrary, he's very clever (with the puppet masters pulling the strings, of course).

Here is the solution to the problem:

If you're still a person of faith, you must revolt against the tyrants and unite with the Catholics for the common cause. Stand-up to tyranny, not thru violence as the left always does, but thru the power of unity and the power of voting.

It doesn't matter who will be the nominee for the GOP (well it matters, but not for making this point), stand with him and vote the Marxists out of office. You could start by boycotting the Jurassic Media and not buying their product. That will bring them to their knees.

After the election has been won, it may be time to either clean-up the GOP, or scrap it and start a new party based on the constitution and the principles of the Founding Fathers. It is time they go the way of the Wigs.

There may be a need for rallies against the decisions of this atrocious administration, but they must be done in the clean tradition of the Tea Party and all decent Americans, not in the dirty and violent, drug-filled, crime-ridden way of the "occupy" "movements" of the left.

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero