Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I know it's not an original title, but it fits better than ever before. I'm afraid, very afraid. The pathetic GOP establishment has decided to commit political suicide, a fact that doesn't bother me that much, since the GOP is not that "G" anymore. I think the time might be right after this election, to dissolve the GOP and invite the true Conservatives left in it, to join a new party; a truly Conservative one. The RINOs might as well go the way of the Marxist-controlled Democrats, for all I care.

The gloves are off. The situation is too dangerous to pussy-foot around the issues any longer. I recommend that everyone takes off the gloves and starts to look at the facts.

Republicans are telling their "leaders" that they don't trust Mitt Romney. The GOP establishment insists on ramming-down everybody's throats the candidate of their choosing. Advice: get rid of the so-called leaders!

America has become a country à la corrupt Europe and no decent Citizen of the U.S.A. can accept that. The guardians of the Republic were, to a certain extent, the so-called Main Stream Media or MSM. Alas, they are now as main-stream as I am a Stalinist.

So who's protecting the masses from the abuses of a corrupt administration if the "opposition" and the MSM are not doing it?. Unfortunately, a large segment of the population keeps following the useless, full-of-lies newspapers, magazines and TV outlets who had already forgotten what journalism was supposed to be, decades ago. These "newspapers" are no longer fit to even wrap fish as in the old days! This is what we should call dereliction of duty.

The poor souls who still following the above, are in complete darkness, which explains why some polls (not very credibly though) are showing the worst president ever since Woodrow Wilson, with about 50% approval rate. Are we supposed to believe that 50% of Americans, are  that stupid?

Decent, America-loving people have recourse to the Internet in order to find the truth. However, as I said before, Obama is not stupid and his supporting team of corrupt organizations, mostly subsidized by rich, anti-American individuals, are flooding the Internet, so you need to weed-out the good, from the bad and the ugly.

English speaking North America is not like Europe and, if people like me can help it, it will never be like Europe. Of course, we now have to worry about not becoming like Greece, courtesy of Barry Soetoro. Did you read this past sentence carefully? America is in REAL danger of becoming like Greece, very soon, thanks to the carefully designed policies of BHO, whose only aim is to destroy the America that his father hated so much, and is succeeding beyond expectations.

Barry Soetoro is a liar and a con man, as will be proven if the GOP takes control of the W.H. and the full Congress. With a little bit of luck as the song of My Fair Lady said, he will be shown to have done much worse than that.

There are questions floating around about whether Barry is a Christian. Well, I don't know. He says he is, but I don't remember one darn thing he said which was shown to be true; perhaps it's my memory. I know that he attended a church that Oprah also used to go to. I understand that she promptly left that church after some of the aberrations she heard from its pulpit. Why did Barry stick with it?

I also know that only Saudi subjects and Muslims from other nations, bow to the King of Saudi Arabia. The Later, because of his title as Custodian of the two Holy Mosques. There's ample evidence that BHO was raised as a Muslim and was registered in two Indonesian schools as Barry Soetoro, religion: Islam. I report, you decide.

The greatest political experiment in the history of mankind, the U.S.A. is about to fail and crash never to rise again. Will you stand idle and permit this to happen? Will you stand-up and defend your country as expected?

Things have already gone way too far. I hope there's still time to pick-up the pieces and glue them back together. This needs to be done NOW, not five years from now. Then it will be too late.

Much has to be done to redress the wrongs which have been perpetrated against America in the last century or so, although nothing can compare to the damage caused by the current administration.

If Obama can be stopped in the up-coming election, a great deal of healing must take place.

The people who have shred the Constitution and disrespected the laws of the nation on both sides of the aisle, must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, so as to demonstrate to future elected officials, that such actions will not be tolerated. It is the ONLY way to save the Republic.

Furthermore, illegal actions such as those committed by so-called non-profit organizations, such as voting fraud and voter intimidation, can be expected only of third world dictatorships. Is America one of them already?

The candidates for the GOP must concentrate on contrasting their potential presidency, with the dismal failure of the current one. Do not allow Obama to dictate the agenda, just compare your program with his failures. It's the Economy, Stupid!

Americans need to be reassured that, as per all national documents, no one in America is above the law!

The current administration has allowed a "myriad" of violations to go unpunished. This must not be permitted.

Transparency and honesty in politics must be restored (both promised by BHO in 2008), for We the People to have faith again in the country founded in the Eighteenth Century. Let's go back to what worked so well for so long, and stop the war on freedoms which has been taking place for too many years.

Uphold the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. In them you will find the principles which made the U.S.A. the leader of the World!


God Bless America!


Joseph A. Gamero