Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Dear friends, let us LOVE one another, for LOVE comes from God. Everyone who LOVES has been born of God and knows God. 1 John 4:7

So the liberals want to make fun of Conservatives for being moral people who question the White House for forcing church organizations to provide free contraceptives. Does this edict mean that churches now have to have condoms in the bathrooms or morning after pills in the host? The last people who should tell anybody how to live and what to do with their sexual lives would be the libs. These people have ruined more lives and societies than we can count who lead lifestyles that usually end up on drugs and death but are the first to tell everyone else how to live their lives. No thanks, how about you leave us alone for a change?

We have the thought police out in force telling Rick Santorum that he needs to back off of his statements about contraceptives which go along with his church teachings. He obviously lives the life he preaches by the size of his family and the handicapped child who he is keeping and loving rather than the butchering like the commie libs would prefer. We know and they know that the commies' idea of birth control is abortion factories on every corner where they can slaughter babies until the first breath or as Obozo voted, beyond that breath. They never have had the least bit of concern over the number of babies or girls' lives they have destroyed, only can they provide as many deaths of the inferior as they can. There is no question which party the National Socialists came from with their death factories.

Abortion is the most destructive war on the poor we have had since perhaps the beginning of mankind. It not only has destroyed over fifty million babies since it was Federally protected it has destroyed at least that many girls' lives as they were told abortion was a minor inconvenience which is nothing more than taking an aspirin when it is actually the most traumatic event in most women's lives. The abortion leads to massive guilt and depression as it immediately forces the girl to realize she had just turned her womb into a tomb. Something most girls dream about from their most basic existence of falling in love and having babies suddenly turns into a trauma causing depression and raising the chances of suicide over 250% in the first three months. She will experience similar increases in alcoholism, drug abuse and promiscuity as well as disconnection from future relationships, all so we can have more sex.

While the commie libs explain how old fashioned our candidates are with their old fogey sexual beliefs are they can explain how happy these kids are with skyrocketing sexually transmitted diseases. This sexual explosion has caused massive increases in prescription resistant diseases which will last the rest of their lives, sexual and chemical addictions as well as a feeling of emptiness and hopelessness leading to more depression and suicide. These girls are sold a lie that being sexually active is empowering and attractive when it is actually destructive and lonely. They try to attract boys by becoming slutty toys for them to be used and thrown away heading them down that path to emptiness, guilt and shame.

The real reason the DNC pushes this lifestyle and permissiveness is the abortion industry is one of their big cash machines. If girls begin having sex at an earlier age and do inevitably become pregnant then they have made more customers for their partners at the abortion factories. The abortion factories know they need to promote these politicians to stay in business so they use some of their proceeds to grease the palms of the politicians and so the cycle continues.

The multi-billion dollar abortion industry gives almost 100% of their donations to dems which means once Deathcare is instituted and abortion is mandated for free then the donations will multiply. For a Democrat there is no downside to the abortion industry and the more abortions the more they potentially will receive. Killing babies and destroying women's lives pays very well for the machine which cranks out more blood money for the Party.

We need to go back to respecting young girls and treating them like the gifts God made them. It is time for the entire society to stop the sex addiction making them into toys for boys and turn them into something special. Until we begin respecting them we are going to make them nothing more than objects to be used and destroyed for the few minutes of pleasure that has consequences which destroys lives and kills babies. This is what Rick Santorum was saying and what the Democrat Party is terrified will be discussed by the country. The last thing they want is to defend their destruction of women in the guise of feminism.

Let's begin the discussion and see what the response of the American people will be. We have a country that is bankrupt both economically and morally as the two are directly connected. We need to explain the importance of both the family and the need to protect and respect young women which means if they do make a mistake and become pregnant we need to partner them and properly counsel them in keeping or adopting.

We have to rebuild our moral fiber and tell kids sex before marriage has serious consequences but if girls do get pregnant we need to encourage them to do the right thing and accept the responsibility of protecting God's creation. This may mean adoption rather than abortion and save a baby to give a family a child who has been wanting a baby but not able to have one. This becomes the greatest gift of all. Until we bring this discussion into the arena we will never be able to improve the morals and lives of this Country. If it is about contraception and who pays to begin it then let's begin talking about morality in America, our young women deserve it.

Pray for America

Gary Bray