Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Keystone Cop

This is how we know who the children of god are and who the children of the devil are: Anyone who does not do what is right is not a child of God; nor is anyone who does not LOVE his brother. LOVE One Another. 1 John 3:10

In November all of the Obamedia were crowing how their messiah had taken Speaker Bonehead to the cleaners over the tax cut bill. Was Speaker Bonehead dumb like a fox when he lost that battle while sticking a ticking bomb buried in the middle of it. Now that bomb has exploded and their precious godchild has been exposed as the radical extremist everybody to the Right of Castro and CNBC knows he is by cancelling this vital asset. In a couple months when people are filling their cars and trucks again with $4/gal gas they can all give a salute to their President for making sure we are still buying our oil from our enemies rather than our closest ally.

Speaker Numbskull was brilliant for dropping that grenade in there and very likely put the final nail into President Oneterm's re-election. As if this isn't a transparently America hating regime with their Cap & Trade attempts, worship of Global Warming, pouring Billions into bankrupt solar companies and closing the Gulf he doubles down on the Keystone Pipeline. The coincidence is unmistakable that his energy policy is being run by the Keystone cops and every time you fill your tank you can have a Keystone laugh.

Obama the clown tried to blame the Republicans for setting up a deadline he couldn't meet when all he was trying to do was buy time to get this past the election so he could say he was leaning towards passage when everyone knew he wouldn't. Now he has made his decision and chosen against the unions who would be building this project, he voted against the 20,000 jobs which would be multiplied by support jobs and he voted against Canada and America. The only people who didn't want this pipeline were the 10-15% of the most radical eco-communists who use the environment as a tool to destroy America. They wave their two favorite weapons at the pipeline of Global Warming which is a fraud and a Nebraska aquifer which they claim will be polluted, both are absurdly exaggerated even for commielibs.

The Global Warming scare has been on the wane by a growing consensus the data was falsified while the eart is actually cooling. If there is manmade warming we better get busy and make more CO2 not less. Never mind, the oil will be burned somewhere so this is simply another strawman argument, any excuse is a good excuse if you don't want it. The other one is even more absurd. They are claiming that there will be such a large spill at some time that the spilled oil will seep hundreds of feet underground and get into the precious water in large enough quantities to pollute the entire aquifer which covers multiple states. Even if it were to break open and had an undetected spill by the most sophisticated leak technology and spilled hundreds of gallons the eart would filter it. Also, the amounts needed to reach hundreds of feet down have to be in the thousands of barrels and who doesn't believe oil is already leaking into the aquifer from natural sources? Both of these arguments have no basis in reality which is his entire economic theory.

All of these reasons will be exposed numerous times over the next nine months by Newt and the boys to beat Ocarter like a Redheaded Stepchild. They will explain to America the reason they are paying more than $3/gal is because the President wants them to. They will also have the opportunity to reveal how he and his cohorts in congress are forcing the price of gas up because they hate the oil industry and believe cars are the source of evil. Newt will be able to clearly articulate that every time gas reaches over $3/gal unemployment rises and is the real reason we are having long term unemployment now. Newt can make it understandable how the price of gas and diesel affects dramatically the cost of every other good you buy including food which makes it a tax on everybody so some elitists can feel good. By the time Newt finishes his lectures the Brothers in the Hood are going to want to ship him back to Kenya.

The only card he will have left to play after this Keystone fiasco is the class envy card and punishing the evil oil companies as prices rise. Newt can simply say he is not part of the 1% or the 99% he is part of the 100%. He needs to have Obama smoking this pipe and let everybody know who and why this was done to cripple America. This decision hurt 100% of Americans and was only done to satisfy the narrowest of lobbying groups for the most selfish of reasons. It was simply done to keep his most radical factions happy and raise some cash from the Malibu earth cult. Meanwhile the 100% pays when they fill up their cars, trucks and shopping carts so a cult minority can punish the oil companies.

You have to give Speaker Bonehead credit for this one, he forced his hand. He got one little tiny concession when he supposedly caved to Reid/Obama and that cave may have started the tremors which will bring down the Styrofoam facade. There is no hiding on this one and Newt is now like a sitting Owl spying a mouse sitting in open field. He is completely in the open with nothing more than the blaming of the Boneheads deadline who had nothing to do with the actual decision. Future debates should be nothing more than answering every question as how that issue is affected by our shortage of oil made worse by the radical in the White House. Newt can explain how he is for the Keystone to provide cheap and abundant fuel to power the American lifestyle of mini-vans, mustangs and pickups while Ocommie chooses Solyndra, Chevy Volts and trains to bankruptcy. Let him, Pelosi and Reid wear that Millstone through the election and let the people decide their future.

Pray for America

Gary Bray