Tuesday, January 24, 2012


My last article's heading was "The Land of the Free." Sadly, I think I've been right from the beginning of the 2008 presidential race (in 2007) when I pegged Barry Soetoro for what he really is.

I had predicted through all four years since, the destruction of the America of the Founding Fathers, using as a model, Saul Alinsky's  Rules for Radicals, Marx and Engels Communist Manifesto and other "jewels" of the left.

The greatest hoax in the history of the U.S.A. is, without a doubt, the propulsion of enemies of the Constitution and America, into the heights of American power.

Through all this, many patriots have risked the ire of the powers that be, by fighting tooth and nail against the usurper. Orly Taitz, Joseph Farah, Jerome Corsi, are some of the people who come to mind.

Now, it turns out the fruits of all that hard work maybe springing up and reward  the ones who planted the seeds and cared for their growth.

However, it seems that some zealots who are part of, or admirers of the current administration, are beginning to feel the pinch and are putting the "screws" on Dr. Orly Taitz, to the point that she has retained a lawyer and appealed to, believe it or not, the most anti-American organization in the world, the United Nations.




The appeal is, both for protection and investigation. The Founding Fathers must truly be turning in their graves! Could anyone in the world have imagined that the land of the free, would sink so low that a citizen needs protection from outside sources, against the abuses of the American system?

In the old days, the U.K. was the beacon of freedom in the world; then, America took to first place and was admired by the rest of the planet for being such a beacon.

Now that America has fallen under the spell of Marxism, who will protect the world? The U.N.? Are you kidding? The U.N. has been a fiasco for most of its existence and is controlled by the Marxists and the radicals of Islam. Would you put your safety in those hands?

Unless all Americans wake-up p.d.q. and take action, they will lose their nation forever. Well, if not forever, for a long time. Just look at how long it took other countries which fell under Marxism, to shake off the yoke; some of them are still under it!

It is often said that things have to "hit rock bottom" before they can be fixed. Well fellows, we're just a few feet from the bottom of the abyss. Will you react before the splash? Alas, by then, it will be too late.

2012 is the year that will make or break the U.S.

You better be very careful when choosing the GOP nominee, and strongly reject the intended "coronation" of the establishment's chosen candidate.


God Bless America!


Joseph A. Gamero