Sunday, October 9, 2011


I know it sounds like the program "To Tell The Truth" and it should, because the American people don't know who the Usurper-in-Chief really is, or why was he allowed to commit such a fraud in the first place.

Who's in charge in the White House? Cass Sunstein? Valery Jarret? "Spooky Dude"? Does anyone know? Certainly not Barry Soetoro, all he can do is read from the teleprompters!

When President George W. Bush sneezed, the Jurassic, Soros-controlled, sold-out media, had it on the front page of TV News. When he was compared by the left to Hitler (little moustache on pictures and all) the media were silent. But when the same happens to Barak Hussein, all hell breaks loose.  

When President Richard Nixon lied on the Watergate fiasco about what he knew and when did he know it, there was a thorough investigation by two young reporters of the Washington Post, until the President was nailed and the truth came out.

Where are those types of reporters today? Or is it that they don't want to do anything because the culprits this time are Marxists like them?

The fact is that the pretend president has been lying since way before he was "elected" with the complicity of both houses, the Media, ACORN, SEIU, et al. Where is "Big Throat" with his famous "follow the money"?

How come there are no "Woodwards or Bersteins" around to do their jobs? Sorry, I forgot, this time the culprits are some of their own!

Close to everyone involved with this administration has had a scandal to be kept from the public, either directly or by association.

Helloooo? Where are you guys of the so-called-Press?

Take for example the newest Eric Holder scandal of "Fast and Furious." The Marxists in the White House, including Holder, are blaming Republicans of scrutinizing the affair because of "political reasons."

What? The Media conveniently neglects their role as arbiters of the truth and when someone in Congress is doing his/her/their job, it is politically motivated?

Puleeeze! Someone has to find the truth and, this administration wouldn't recognize it if it bit them in the ankle!

What is going on?

The ACORN/SEIUs of America are pushing and financing the Occupy Wall Street "spontaneous" movement (yeah, right), encouraged whole heartedly by the pretend president who's been inciting hatred against "the rich" in the hopes of having anarchy on the streets so he can impose the Martial Law he wants "to save America" and call off elections in 2012.

Some lefties are so stupid (or crooked) that they compare the Marxist sponsored/Marxist paid Wall Street aberration, with the TEA Party movement!

First, the TEA Party movement started as a result of the unfairness of this Marxist administration and its disdain and lack of respect for the honest taxpayers' money and the American Constitution.

Second, the rallies organized by the decent Americans who participated in the TEA Party movement, are conducted with respect of everyone's rights, order and care for the environment, leaving the grounds even cleaner than they found them.

Contrast with the loud mouthed people who are disrespectful of America to start with, of the environment and of everything dear to normal citizens. They even defecate in empty police cruisers!

They are well trained in subversion, fabulously well equipped in modern technology, and use the social Internet outfits (the ones they tested in the so-called Arab Spring to depose those leaders who were "friendly" to America, who will no doubt be replaced with friends of the Muslim Brotherhood).

I guess the training in civil disobedience didn't include telling the participants what could be acceptable reasons for their protest, judging by the lack of cohesive motives displayed by the protesters. For sure, when you have a clear motive to participate in a protest, you know what to say when questioned about it by non-sold-out Media!

Who are the people who are still buying the Marxist Newspapers and watching the corrupt TV outlets? Don't they realize they are lying to them on a daily basis? If it weren't for the Internet, America would be in the same situation Germany was under Hitler, without the truth.

I know that by now, a greater number of Americans are aware of the realities of the usurping administration, but I still fail to understand why they are not raising their collective voices to stop the destruction of the nation by the equivalent in America of the French "canaille"!

The scandals the Soetoro administration is, has been and will be involved in if allowed to end its term, are, proportionately speaking, by far more numerous and detrimental to the nation than any other administration since FDR, even in two full terms.

Wilson and FDR started the ball rolling towards America becoming Marxist; Soetoro is determined to finish the job.

It has been obvious for a long time that Obama would be over his head with a simple small managerial job. What he is, is a Communist, oops! I mean, Community Organizer.

All he knows how to do is to get people with lower means, to hate people with higher means, even when the term is not clearly defined. It sounds to me like what Vladimir Lenin did in the Russia of the last Tsar.

Lenin started the same way and soon he took control of the country and began the re-distribution of wealth, a.k.a., robbing the rich and keeping it for the elite, while giving some crumbs to the poor.

We haven't had an answer to my question above. Who is in charge in this chaotic administration?

Will the real president, please stand-up?

Have you had enough already?

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero