Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Occupiers vs Tea Party

Without LOVE, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 2 Tim 3:3

How special that now the commie left has their own version of a Tea Party. Never mind the two main differences between the protesters are the payment of taxes and soap, they are exactly the same. The Tea Party could never occupy a location more than a few hours since those people have to go to work and earn the money so the occupier thugs can whine and complain they don't receive enough welfare. These unemployed occupiers are pretty much a perfect symbol for the commiecrats and their leeching constituents.

The liberal establishment is rallying behind these out of work hippy throw backs like they are some sort of romantic counter culture when in reality they represent the establishment. These are the same people who were crying and fainting when their messiah was elected and now they are protesting and blaming the tired old bank villains. These are the same banks the Tea Party was screaming to allow to file bankruptcy while these liberals were calling them Teabaggers for protesting the bailouts. This was the same Tea Party that was yelling for the gummit to investigate and reform Fannie Mae and was called racist for their protests. Now the street urchins drag out the same tired clichés they have been dragging for nearly a hundred years to hate the bankers because they are wealthy while these unemployed sociology graduates have been brainwashed by a bunch of Marxist professors are surprisingly broke.

There couldn't be a better representation between the two major movements in this country then the God Fearing hard working Tea Party and the lazy earth worshiping occupiers. These people have spent their entire lives living in the atheistic cult of liberalism which calls for the worship of the earth and the destruction of capitalism. They are fundamental Darwinists who believe man is the top of the evolutionary chain and liberalism is an evolved intelligence making them godlike beings. The only thing higher than liberal intelligence is a group of them combined into a government. Government is their god on earth which is why they are willing to give their lives and freedom over to that entity and since they are smarter than you they know you should too. Only that god in their eyes can make the world equitable for all of the oppressed in this world. Only an all powerful divine gummit can make all things right for everybody.

These braindead occupiers have been taught since birth all of the clichés and dogma the liberal cult indoctrinates the followers with. They are no more a free thinking group than the Jim Jones cult, their politics is their religion which they follow from the moment they wake up til the minute their drug addled head hits the pillow or rock in this case. They have no concept of the free market or how it has to make profits to make jobs and pay taxes. They have been indoctrinated from kindergarten by their commie teachers and professors that profits are evil and taxes simply are a necessary penalty to punish corporations for their exploitation of the poor oppressed working class.

So we have this clueless human debris which is a combination of Social Science students who are going to Columbia and Yale on their parents Wall Street college funds protesting to make them feel like they are accomplishing something by protesting rather than going to classes. The remainders are street people who will show up for anything that resemble a protest or a free beer so when you boil it down a couple hundred people is a pathetic turnout in a city of 20 million.

Now Old Media has a protest they can agree with and understand. After spending the past three years calling the Tea Party racist, sexist and hate mongers they are putting these unwashed commie anarchists on their pedestal. There is no surprise since most of the dinosaur press come from the same schools and have been brainwashed by the same teachers and professors their entire lives. Add to that the Marxist bubble they live in as they write and talk to each other promoting the benefits of bigger gummit to further spread the wealth and destroy capitalism. Of course they are going to agree with the same group that agrees with them as these dirty hippies represent their successes. These are the kids who have no future they have been trying to create over the past fifty years and they get to have a look at their brainwashed handiwork.

We are heading for an election of historic proportions. As the entire DNC empire lines up behind these hate filled kids who want the destruction of Wall Street, capitalism and America the entire country is being disgusted. Outside of the most radical 25% how could any taxpaying American appreciate what these thugs are trying to do with some hard working people who they have found guilty of the crime of making too much money? Does the DNC and obozo really believe that when it is all said and done the average Americans hate their country and want to deepen class envy into warfare? Americans are getting as tired of that as they are the race war and in the next election will punish them accordingly. So here's hoping the union goons and the rest of the liberal Astroturf continue to fan the flames of group hate so we can all show them next November it is time for a new direction. Then America will give them something to protest about, if they can get the time off for good behavior.

Pray for America