Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The SolEnron Scandal

But women will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith, LOVE and holiness with propriety. 1 Tim 2:15

It is not hard to figure out why the SolEnron scandal occurred we had some greedy alternative energy executives who believed in Global Warming and a corrupt White House that was handing out Billions. People who understand economics and the scam of GW knew that there was no economic model that could possibly work without gummit intervention. These people believed you could outlaw coal and gas energy to open the door for expensive alternative boondoggles like Solyndra Corp who made solar chips, by making energy artificially inflated so they leant them a half a billion dollars.

This scandal begins and ends in the White House where anti-coal fanatics became arrogant and believed their silly cult was more powerful than a free market. One of the first things Ohbummer did with the Stimulus Stash was to pay off his money men and one of the biggest was George Kaiser who was also a big backer of SolEnron. He paid back his buddies by using the taxpayer money to guarantee a half billion dollar loan that has now gone bad in less than two years. There is ample evidence he directly lobbied the loans which were fast tracked and was a classic case of Chicago style crony capitalism, except there was no capitalism.

This entire scandal is built around the fraud of global warming. When they approved these loans we were in the middle of the famous Cap and Trade system of destroying our energy industry. They believed they would either have destroyed the coal industry or have energy prices skyrocketing by now. They believed the entire world would fall in line with the Global Warming fraud and willingly give up their freedom for the earth worship and sacrifices which are demanded by that religion. Rather the GW hoax fell apart after the Climategate emails were released and America made it clear they weren’t ready to give up their coal powered energy or pay the excessive premiums that go with it.

This administration put all of their eggs in the GW fraud basket and all the corruption that went with it. The cost of coal generation is around .02/KW while solar is over .40/KW in addition to the inability for it to provide any energy in the quantities needed to power a country our size. It may be ok for powering small electrical appliances but you aren’t going to be heating and cooking at home let alone run and industry. In addition to these problems with the product you have a global economy which includes China who can produce the same product for less than a quarter the cost. All of this was ignored by Obozo in his obsession to provide Green jobs which were as big a fabrication as his other saved or made jobs and simply another slush fund to reward his friends.

While he lectures on and on about needing to collect the $5 billion from the oil companies for their tax deductions he has doled out somewhere in the neighborhood of $50 billion to alternative boondoggles. We are about to see more and more SolEnrons as time goes on and these companies run out of money and public pork projects to pay for them dry up. With a congress in no mood for earmarks and states having to cut their sexy solar projects that will never pencil, the demand for alternatives are about to run out.

We need to confirm that some of those twenty visits by the SolEnron CEO to the White House and the Present’s visit to the factory was a quid pro quo and finally ask for this amateur to step down. There is no point in a Special Prosecutor, simply verify from the CEO he had an agreement from Obuckwheat and let him do the Nixon walk. If he has to stretch it out for 15 months then he can bring the Party down with him, which is a win win. The more important issue is how many of these ticking time bombs they have sitting out there and make sure they don’t have more in the works. It is time to rein these in and never let it happen again. Most GW skeptics could have told them and were telling them these boondoggles were simply pouring money down a rat hole. Any President guilty of this massive amount of corrupt stupidity should be asked to resign or be fired for criminal negligence. Look for this as an excuse for his fellow commies to replace him in an attempt to avoid a landslide.

What we have in this scandal is a marriage between the fraud of Global Warming and the cult of liberalism. When the cultists won the White House with all the fanfare and adulation they believed they could run America like a Soviet state and were not concerned with laws or constraints. They had a Country to change into their model of “Green” jobs and they weren’t going to let a few negatives on the projections stop them from that mission so they projected using post Cap & Trade energy rates. This made the model work in their projections and pushed through some loans from the Stimulus Slush Fund. None of that panned out thanks to some very courageous people willing to take on the Global Warming thugocracy and so those loans are now all going bad.

Saying we told you so doesn’t cut it, since for most Conservatives not only was the economic model for solar a failure and still is; you cannot beat the free market with ideology and corruption. The free market is like gravity, it doesn’t care what your intentions or motives are; a bad idea is going to fail. For losing hard working Americans $500 million here and an estimated $50 Billion in related failed solar and wind companies we demand everybody connected with this corruption resign. The people in the Dept of Energy, Commerce and the White House all need to resign for incompetence and if it goes all the way to the top, Premier Hussain needs to walk too. We can survive the next year with Bozo Biden and then let the American people finish the job. The next time he or any CommuCrat claims there is nowhere to cut in the budget we simply need to say, “Remember SolEnron”?

Pray for America