Monday, September 12, 2011


Gordon Bishop On The Issues
As the "Great One" (Ronald Reagan) would say: GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM.
America's problem is that our Marxist President spent most of professional life as a "Community Advisor," otherwise known as ACORN, a pro-communist organization.

Barack Hussein Obama does not have the skills, the experience or any leadership qualities to run the United States of America, still the most powerful nation in the world.

The proof is that Obama, an amateur politico, has borrowed and spent more than 8 trillion dollars in his first 3 years in office.

The result of his radical policies is:
The big O! has bankrupted the Unites States of America.
The Communist Peoples Republic of China today owns the United States.
The irony is that America is not a Communist country:
We are a Capitalist Nation-State Economic System..
Meanwhile, Obama is moving ahead with his Communist "Redistribution of Wealth!" agenda, acting more like an Islamic Dictator than a true American leader.
I think it's about time for the United States Supreme Court and Congress indict, convict and ship Obama back to his homeland: Either Muslim Indonesia, or North African's Kenya, where his father was an elected public official.
The vast majority of American citizens no longer want Obama and his family living in the White House and traveling all over the world in their taxpaying 'Air Force One' Presidential 747 Jet Plane.
This crooked guy from Chicago spends money as fast as the U.S. Treasury's presses can spin out this worthless paper costing taxpayers over a billion dollars a day for his luxurious personal expenses.
I've had enough of this phony, fraudulent creep and crooked Chicago thugs who are destroying America.
We have now become a Banana Republic.
We are no longer a Constitutional Republic.
We are a weak ship sinking into the Atlantic and Pacific seas.
Our unemployment rate continues to hover around 10 percent, or more (depending on how many workers can find jobs in a sluggish, downhill economy
Our economic "norm" should be 5 percent.
Not under this dude!
I'm both saddened and shocked that our United States Congress and U.S.Supreme Court
don't order this radical Islamic African out of the White House.
It's easy: Just send 3 or 4 moving vans to the White House and get him the hell out of there.
He belongs in a State or Federal Prison for what he has done to this once proud and prosperous Nation.
As the mass majority of citizens know, Obama and his Chicago thugs hi-jacked the White House. His corrupt ACORN organizations in 13 states rigged the voting booths so he could carry those states in a presidential election.
There are some 30-plus lawsuits filed in the U.S. Supreme Court to move this crook out of the White House.
Don't tell me that BOTH our Supreme Court and Congress are afraid to take on Obama and his Chicago thugs.
The courts got rid of Al Capone when he took over Chicago during the 1920s for controlling the illegal liquor industry.
Our current courts could easily do the same, if they have the guts and the brains to stand up for our freedoms and liberties, and not permit Obama and his gang to laugh at our freedoms and liberties because no one will stand up against "The Chicago Way."
All I can say, as usual, is "God Bless America!"
(Gordon Bishop is a 'Who's Who in the World' national award-winning author, journalist, historian, syndicated columnist and New Jersey's First "Journalist-of-Year"--1986/New Jersey Press Association, founded in 1845.)