Monday, September 12, 2011

Our Sweeping Economics

The grace of our Lord has poured out on me abundantly, along with the faith and LOVE that are in Christ Jesus 1 Tim 1:14

During the height of the Cold War an American businessman was being given a tour of Red Square. He looked at a line of a hundred sweepers who had been slowly making their way across the square, carefully sweeping the cobblestones at a snail's pace. He looked up at his guide and said, "You know we have a street sweeper that could have this done in less time and would cost the same as ten of your sweepers for a year."

The Russian official looked at him confused and said, "Then what would we do with our sweepers?"

This is the difference between our President and America. He believes only he and gummit can create jobs while we know that government cannot create a single job and can only destroy jobs. Until the DNC is willing to release the free market we are going to continue to have high unemployment and low expectations. This is the great divide between the two groups of thought, one puts all of its trust in a gummit that will create more sweepers and another that wants to put those sweepers to work in the private sector becoming all they can be. A healthy economy will begin to create more opportunities for more people to actually build the upward spiral of capitalism.

Rather than spending another $500 Billion we or our children don't have, Conservatives believe it is better to have private enterprise stimulate the economy. The first step would be the allowing of the pipelines from Canada and the NatGas line from Alaska. This would immediately bring thousands of jobs being stimulated by oil companies spending Billions of their own money. This would not only add quality high paying jobs but would add to the infrastructure leading to lower gas and oil prices without a taxpayer dime. This will not only be a short term jolt to the economy but a long term asset for a growing economy, rather than more public square sweepers.

The next step of course would be the exploration and development of our natural resources. Our representatives have to educate the American people that this is how a free market works. This lowered cost gas from more efficient transportation and availability would fuel a genuine economic recovery which would last through the next decade.

We are the most gifted Country in the world if we will just eliminate the eco-nazis and assorted commies who want to have sweepers rather than people striking out on their own and building a new America. The development of our resources would not only expand the number of energy workers but would bring more royalties and profits into the public coffers to begin to lower the deficit and begin to pay off the debt. This is such simple economics there is no way Haaaavard could ever understand the equation.

We would also need to allow companies to expand the coal and gas power plants to power our economy. Once we have a steady and economical form of energy we would then begin attracting energy dependent industries like steel, aluminum, computer chips and heavy manufacturing. The lower costing and dependable energy supplies in both petroleum and electrical power would bring businesses like moths to an incandescent light bulb. Lower energy costs would help offset our labor costs assuming the gummit would release our industries from the excessive labor and regulatory expenses. Rather than being ordered what to pay and benefits required the businesses could begin paying what people are worth by either piece work or production formulas to make both parties a united marriage benefiting both the worker and the company. With the advent of computers we can pay people by the keystroke rather than the hour to better reflect the value a worker has to his company.

This would naturally begin to expand into a healthy vibrant economy expanding in all areas of the industrial world. We would have huge advantages in both quality of worker and economic environment as we lowered business expenses while expanding business profits. The elimination of class envy would allow businesses and workers to become partners rather than adversaries which would expand the industrial environment making a fertile field for these businesses to sprout and grow. Every area of the economy would be developed just like our resources as this idea begins to be repeated over and over again taking this Country to heights it has never been.

Rather we hear the tired old Soviet lines of how we need to build more roads, schools, bridges and sweep more public squares. We will hear how we need to hire more sweepers and all of those sweepers will stimulate the economy as they take their rubles home to spend on new shoes and borscht. We will hear how glorious the Fatherland will be as soon as our leader is allowed to spend more and more of our children's futures to maintain his corrupt status quo. We will hear how important it is to live our lives in a small hovel, riding to our sweeping job on public transit and return to our dimmed homes to begin our meager lives once again.

The last thing the commieCrats can ever afford to do is to allow people to become everything their potential would allow them to become. So we will hear how important it is to continue to sweep, keep your heads down and endure the lives our gummit is allowing you. America is standing at the edge of Red Square, half of this Country wants to live exactly like those sweepers and half want to throw away the brooms to live their lives as free men. Which life will you choose America, sweeping or freedom?

Pray for America

Thank You