Monday, September 12, 2011


They "gotta" be kidding when they ask this question. can we afford four more years? America cannot afford four more months of this con man sitting in the White House!

Fellows, do I need to give you a ten thousand volt jolt to wake you up? The GOP, unfortunately still controlled by the Progressive RINOs, has all the evidence needed, not only to start a Congressional hearing against the current administration, but even enough to convict almost everyone of them including the Usurper-in-Chief.

Every decent America voter has a duty to bombard his/her representatives in both houses, with demands that they follow their oath to office and investigate/prosecute the enemies of the nation as well as those complicit with them, or take the consequences of their acts.  Every day they delay  their patriotic duty, the vitriol and poison coming out of the White House will further corrode the constitution and the freedoms of Americans.

The laughable performance of Barry Soetoro vis-a-vis the timeframe of awakening to the need to stimulate job creation (almost three full years), cannot be criticized by the GOP since they are neglecting the investigation of the serious crimes already know to having been committed by the Marxist administration "in charge."

Where were the Dems when they had a comfortable majority in both houses plus a team of Marxists in the White House? Why did they not pass what they wanted then? I tell you why. In spite of having majority, those monsters didn't have control and their efforts were thwarted by some of their own people. I guess there are still some Democrats who didn't become Hypocrats yet.

Stimulating job creation is not what Barry pretends to understand by those words; it is not to borrow more money to give to his pals and union supporters. It is to follow a comprehensive plan of business-friendly, taxpayers-friendly set of policies similar to those of Ronald Reagan (please, quickly, bring the salts to the Hypocrats who fainted at the mention of one of the greatest presidents of all times).

While you're at it, notify your left-wing press and sold-out TV outlets, that you will no longer need their "services" since you can find the truth via the Internet and often Fox News.

The demagogy of the Soetoro handlers and puppet masters, has no paragon in the history of the country, neither does the damage already inflicted by this Marxist administration. So time to wake-up, perhaps join a TEA Party near you and start the fight for your country.

America must survive and letting Barry finish his term, could very well hinder America's future, irreparably. Please do not allow this to happen. The world needs America as the beacon of freedom it has been until recently.

Some people are talking about impeachment. Well, I don't think that's enough. What is needed is an "annulment" of this presidency, so that every appointment, every regulation, every abuse of power and every preference treatment, every offense to American allies, can be declared null and void. America is lucky that the narcissism and arrogance reigning in the White House, has provided all the required ammunition to achieve such goal.

Don't waste more time. Tell your representatives (unless they are the rara avis elected last year who have kept their part of the bargain) in no uncertain terms, that non compliance with the wishes of "We The People," will result in sure replacement by someone who will follow the wishes of the people.

Get rid of the dead wood and get new, fresh, sincere and loyal blood, to truly serve "We The People." Personally I don't think that a third party or a candidate running independently, against those from the major parties can be the answer. Rather, a clean-up of the old establishment and a replacement with more suitable representatives willing to take America back to its constitutional roots, is what is needed.

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero