Tuesday, September 27, 2011


For over three years, since the primaries to nominate a Democratic candidate for the presidency of the 2008 election, I've been giving my readers a clear account of why the heading of this article, is the only thing you'll ever get from the Usurper-in-Chief. Needless to say, I was derided and called everything including crazy.

I'm still perplexed at the number of voters who still don't get that the illegal occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, D.C., doesn't have anything else to offer. He is like a fast-food chain with great advertising but no real food. I'm sure you can pick one of your "favorite" chains which fits the ticket.

Let's face it; the liar-in-chief has such gall like has never been seen in the White House before, and God knows there have been some dandy ones (I did not have sexual relations with that women, Miss Lewinsky...) .

Just now, Barry's blaming the "other side" of the same things that he's been doing since he was illegally sworn into office. What else is new, you ask? Nothing! This has been part of the LIEberal tactics for about the last one hundred years! Their philosophy is that, the first one to accuse, has the upper hand, whether he's right or not.

There's some truth to that although not intrinsically, but by means of an equally corrupt Jurassic Media who have been cooperating unconditionally with the Marxists since Woodrow Wilson's time.

The current clown, has the gall to accuse the Republicans of putting re-election goals before the interest of the American nation! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black oops! I mean, non Caucasian! The man has been campaigning on the taxpayer's dime for quite a while now! Would the Jurassic Media complain about it? Not on your life, they are delighted because they feel that it will increase his chances of winning, and give America the coup de grace.

Barak Obama, is pushing a bill which he knows full well, will never make it through Congress. Why? So he can then blame Republicans of not cooperating and claim he cannot run the country under the present condition. As usual, the blame is somewhere else, not with his aberrant incompetence. Fortunately, it seems to be backfiring. Too bad there's no Ronald Reagan in sight, although... rumor has it that Governor Christie is considering running. They say we will know within two weeks.

I'll be glad because Governor Perry blew it in the last debate, in my opinion, with little chances to recover although stranger things have happened in politics. Rick Santorum made a huge mistake attacking Michele Bachman directly in a previous debate. He's in recovering mode but could he do it all the way? Mitt Romney? Great debater, but just another RINO. Haven't you had enough of those? Michele Bachman is a great person, who could be a great president, but with the media against her, I doubt she could defeat Barry Soetoro and his corrupt unions/ACORN machine.

America has been pushed to the extreme left and is now controlled by the Marxists; what is now needed is for "We the People"  to reverse course and elect a true Conservative to bring America back into the track the Founding Fathers placed her in. NOTHING ELSE COULD SAVE AMERICA! We're back to the infamous times of Jimmy Carter.

As for the choir boys (and girls) who, running-out of reasonable arguments, insist on attacking the TEA Partiers as racists and other epithets, they have forgotten to specify which of Obama's two races are we supposed to be against. As far as I'm concerned, it could very well be his mother's race, rather than his father's.  Could it be then that blacks were racists when they voted overwhelmingly for Obama in 2008? That would have been racism against whites!  I'm just thinking aloud.

By-the-way, the Tea Partiers are soooo racists (against blacks), that they gave a resounding vote of approval in Florida, to none other than Herman Cain, a man with more black blood in his veins than Obama could ever have (and way more brains)! It just so happens that he's the one using the most common sense of all the candidates and the only one to talk to the people in a frank, honest way, not as a consummate carrier politician.

Well, there goes the  postulate that the TEA Party members are against blacks as the current illegal administration and the likes of Morgan Freeman claim.

Speaking to the Congressional Black Caucus, Barry Soetoro, this unbelievable liar told them to stop complaining. This from the man that attributes all his failures plus the Tsunami, earthquakes and other disasters, to his predecessor, George W. Bush! Ain't that a riot?

Aside from the "we're five days away from fundamentally changing the United States of America," please tell me what promises made by this phony anti-president, have been kept. Incidentally, other than the hard-core Marxists of America (a small minority), no one expected the "fundamental transformation" to be so complete, that it basically rejects all the principles and laws of the Republic.

How's that for "change and hope"? Looks to me more like "charge and rope," as in the one used for hanging people.

Is there a single, sincere American who would have voted for an illegal president like this one, in full knowledge of what his "plan" was? Plan, is in quotation marks, because it is non-existent. There isn't and has never been a plan. The intention was from day one, to push the envelope as far as possible towards the destruction of the Republic, the biggest obstacle the Elite have to implementing One World Government (naturally, controlled by the Builderbergers, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, et al).

"Spooky Dude" and the other puppet masters of the phony president, must be delighted even though, he hasn't gone fast enough for their liking. Nevertheless, they understand that quadrupling "W's" deficit of eight years, in less than two and one half, is quite an "accomplishment" by any Marxist's standards.

The man who criticized his predecessor, among other things, for getting the country in two wars (with bi-partisan agreement in Congress, I might add), went ahead, on his own, without Congressional approval, to wage a war against the Libyan tyrant and others who will be replaced by  Islamist governments.

He also decided on his own, that Hosni Mubarak, the one man besides Anwar Sadat, who kept the peace made with Israel  by his predecessor,  and favored friendship with the USA. Way to go, Barry! Now America has only one friendly country in the most troubled area in the world, even as Soetoro keeps offending the Israelis and appeasing the Islamists!

Speaking of offending, one of the first acts of the Usurper-in-Chief, was to insult the people of the U.K., a traditional ally of America, once the dust of the war of independence settled.

My guess is that Barry Soetoro has never read the famous book "How to make Friends and Influence People," by Dale Carnegie.

Mind you, he not only read, but was educated with, the antithesis of Dale Carnegie's book, namely "Rules For Radicals" by Saul Alinsky.

Time is running out for the Republicans to nominate a true Republican and save America. Anything short of that, could be construed as treason.

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero