Monday, August 1, 2011


As my sort of political idol Ronald Reagan would have said: "Well, there you go again"! What has happened with the borrowing-ceiling situation? Did the "Republicans" win" or did the Hypocrats win?

I maintain that neither won. The Marxist-dominated Dems (Hypocrats) got what they wanted i.e. to increase the spending ceiling, while the false Republicans very little other than kicking the can down the history lane. The fact that the White House and the Hypocrats in both houses extensively used scary tactics and threats to punish the most vulnerable if Republicans didn't cave in to their demands, is one more proof of the lack of scruples the Marxists display in order to get their way.

But wait, Joseph, they didn't get the tax increases they wanted. That is partially true but mark my words, there is more than one way to skin a cat (poor kitty) and there are many ways to increase taxes. Just wait and see.

So, there're really no winners but there is certainly a clear loser: the American citizen. Although about three quarters of Americans didn't want ANY increase in the spending ceiling, both parties have made a mockery of the voters' wishes. I wouldn't be surprised if many so-called Repubs, pay a big price, in 2012, for their disdain towards the wishes of those who put them in power in 2010. In fact, some people are already nick-naming them "repugs."

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What part of the clear mandate the voters gave them in the midterm elections did the "Republicans" not understand? Are public servants deaf? The people said: "read our lips, NO NEW TAXES and, unlike George H. W. Bush, they meant it. Gee!

This, to me, is a clear indication that America MUST go back to the principles established by those wonderful and very intelligent Founding Fathers, who had the foresight to anticipate many of the current problems, well over two hundred years ago!

It seems imperative to me, that the states get-back their slowly but surely usurped powers by the federal government. It is imperative that people take more, not less, responsibility for their actions and less dependency on government (vote-buying) hand-outs. Less "entitlements" (nowhere to be found in the Mighty Constitution or the equally Mighty Declaration of Independence), more accountability, less decision-making behind closed doors and a clear way to punish those who break their oath of office. Let's call a spade a spade: breaking the oath of office is nothing but treason.

The American people must have access to all decisions not involving national security in the immediate future, while being entitled to know what happened the minute national security is no longer affected by the public disclosure of such decisions.

Under the current administration, it feels more like We The People selected an absolute monarch, rather than an accountable servant. Washington et all, must be turning in their graves.

All of this I'm writing under the tacitly implied agreement that the Senate and the White House, will ratify this disgrace. There's still the odd chance that it will not pass the first or that it will be vetoed by the President. I certainly hope he does as I think it would, otherwise, be the end of the Hypocrats for many years to come.

I seems to me that when you're being attacked by a horde of people bearing knives, pitches and forks and, you have an automatic weapon in your hands, the only sensible thing to do is to use it to protect your life. Likewise, when a horde of irresponsible spenders attack en mass your country's economy, you must use the weapons at hand to protect it. This is metaphorically speaking, of course, but bear in mind that in the French Revolution, "les sans culottes" didn't hesitate chopping heads, right, left, center, front and back as soon as they took power.

Don't expect any compassion from the Marxist-controlled Dems, when the time comes. Their obvious hatred for the rich (except the rich Democrats. They love George Soros) is clear. Republicans and more so Conservatives are their enemies, above and beyond those who in other countries (or in America), keep calling the U.S.A. the "Great Satan who must be destroyed."


Republicans have many faults, Democrats only two

everything they say and everything they do!

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero