Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Economic Suicide

Hold them in the highest regard in LOVE because of their work. Live in peace with each other. 1 Thes 5:13

So Premier Hussain says Americans have to stop buying pickups and full size cars and begin buying his two seated lawnmowers. Just like his hero Joseph Stalin, he makes everybody buy any car they want as long as it is an underpowered black box. If he knew the first thing about economics it would double his knowledge, since his idea of supply and demand is he demands and we supply. The reason we are in the mess we are in is we have no fuel to put in our cars thanks to the eco-nazis who dominate our gummit. When you don't have cheap and abundant fuel you can have no real economy and certainly not an auto industry and Detroit is the perfect example of this folly.

How many millions of jobs have our liberal extremists cost Americans? When you punish one industry like those evil oil execs flying in their corporate jets, part of the back draft the rest of Americans are going to feel is the destruction of the auto industry and Detroit. When the exploration and production of the oil reserves are shut off and gas goes to $4/gal that causes people to stop buying new cars. The stoppage of buying new cars leads to the elimination of jobs in Detroit and soon after that you have the mass foreclosures of houses and exodus from the Detroit areas. When people lose their jobs and move leading to the lowering of tax receipts going into the Detroit city coffers and the collapse of the city services. But don't you feel so good punishing those oil executives?

When obozo came into office his first objective was to punish the Auto execs with his hatred of them and the auto industry in general. He managed to destroy the auto industry with their usual hate the rich routine they have successfully accomplished over the past hundred years. How stupid can one group be to hate the rich so much they are willing to lose their jobs to hurt the owners of our companies? Now they want to do to the oil industry what they have done to auto which will actually put the nails in the coffin of the transportation industries including auto.

When the auto industry went down, it helped take the housing industry with them from the massive bailouts as well as layoffs. These layoffs helped speed up the downfall of the housing and mortgage industry leading to the total collapse of our entire economy. Liberals have no idea how interconnected the different economies are, rather they believe the industries they hate are independent to the industries they approve. They act like a bunch of gorillas in a china shop destroying everything that gets in their way and leaving a trail of destruction everywhere they go.

Now these liberal extremists have destroyed so many industries they are running out of industries to destroy. Could somebody please tell them, government is damaging their precious earth? It is time to kick them to the curb and get out of the way so we can rebuild the industries that are still on life support. We need to support all the leaders of our businesses to keep them producing products and profits to add to the economy in any way they can. It is critical that our businesses survive until we can clean the commies out of our elected offices and begin the chore of identifying and eliminating the same in the administrative offices. This will be a tough slog to get through the next 18-36 months until we can turn the entire structure to a more user friendly, freedom loving gummit.

Our first step is to educate all of America that every industry is interconnected economically with every other business in America. Even the braindead lib radio host on NPR is interconnected to an oil executive and his salary is directly affected by how successful that oil executive makes his oil company. "This program is funded by a generous grant from Exxon/Mobile." That company's success may add to the amount of grant he gives or taxes he pays so that braindead commie lib can be paid to spew his anti-American rants. He may never figure this out but hopefully more and more thinking people will begin to understand we are all connected in a giant mosaic of economic activity so when one piece of the economy improves it will automatically improve another section and so on. Economically, a butterfly wing flapping in Texas will be felt in New York and vice versa which is how capitalism works.

Government regulation and taxation is what stops this giant economic square dance. When you have academic idiots like Ohbummer and his clowns who believe in central control they stop the giant mosaic from interconnecting or affecting industry to industry. They stop oil exploration and low cost fuel development and even worse, diverting funds to boondoggle Green projects. They stop people from buying cars or houses they want in place of low profit, overpriced four wheeled motorcycles or overpriced pigtail light bulbs. They pass regulations that stop the ability to take new ideas to the marketplace or expand established businesses. The number one thing standing between America and recovery is gummit.

Ronald Reagan once said, "Obama isn't the solution to our economic problems, Obama is the problem." To compare him to Jimmy Carter is an insult to Carter, since Mr Peanut was simply an educated dolt, while Premier Hussain is someone who hates America with every fiber of his being and will do whatever it takes to destroy it. If he left today and we had capitalists replace the entire lot, it will take five to fifteen years to restore the damage he has caused. That said it is our job and mission to do just that.

We need to remove as much gummit as possible to replace the baffles and restrictors the agencies have put on our once great economy and let this engine breathe. Force the America haters out and replace them with the majority who love this country and capitalism. Only then will we begin to bring back jobs and vitality to the point we were during the first 6 years of George Bush or the last 4 of Ronald Reagan. If we continue on that path of developing our resources and freeing business of the shackles of gummit we will once again be, The Shining City on the Hill.

Pray for America

Thank You