Saturday, March 12, 2011

Les Sans Culottes Had A Real Reason

Folks, there you have it! If anyone had any doubts about the kind of people Marxists are, Wisconsin should be enough to clarify their minds on the subject.

In 1789, Les Sans Culottes stormed La Bastille and started the French Revolution.

Although I don’t approve of violence, I understand why they did it. Marie Antoinette’s statement “let them eat cake” didn’t help much either.

In Wisconsin’s case though, things are very different; in modern times, the average taxpayer is the oppressed one and the public service unions, and many governments are the oppressors.

Rewind to the various meetings of the Tea Party and watch how peacefully they behaved and, the only violence there, was the SEIU people beating-up a man attending a town hall meeting.

This in spite of the lies (yes that’s the word) of Pelosi that there were sporting Swastika signs (but of course they were not) and the calls of misbehavior and violence the Jurassic Media and so many Hypocrats were reporting. Needless to say, they never showed any evidence which, had it existed, would have been posted everywhere.

So, Les Sans Culottes had a real reason to fight the oppressors while the current revolutionaries in the USA, don’t. I said USA rather than only Wisconsin, because you can bet your bottom dollar that this will spread thru the country like wild fire in a wooded area. As “Deep Throat” once said, “Follow the money,” which in this case means, see who is financing these demonstrations. In addition to Unions, I bet you’ll find “Spooky Dude’s” hand somewhere in there along with many other hands including, in all probability, The White House.

What is really happening in the USA?

Well, ask President Soetoro and don’t say he didn’t warn you because he did. He said “…we’re five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” This is part of that change. The plan was (and still is) to change the country into a Socialist nation for starters.

The level of violence expressed by the Wisconsin protestors shows you that they will stop at nothing to reach their goals. Who cares what happens to the country? So long as we Marxists stick together…

Now you have eyes like I do, so there’s no need to tell you that a great percentage of the protestors in Wisconsin are not teachers. Just look at many of them; if they are teaching our progeny may God have mercy on our children.

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That’s without speaking about the coward renegades who deserted the people who elected them and hid to avoid a vote they didn’t like. How’s that for Democracy? It is tantamount of any of us driving 30 miles over the limit because we don’t like the speed that is posted. Those renegades should be prosecuted and severely punished for their despicable behavior.

When will the Marxists learn that they cannot pick and choose which laws to abide by and which ones to ignore? Please someone tell the Narcissist-in-chief, that he is included in the rule. DOMA is the law and his administration cannot deny it’s enforcement just because it doesn’t suit him to do so, anymore than the DOJ can ignore the flagrant evidence (on tape) of  intimidation of voters by the New Black Panthers, or the voting fraud that got Soetoro elected. This resembles the old Soviet Kremlin more and more by the day.

It is very important that Americans start connecting the dots to get the whole picture. It may not be as much fun as it used to be in school, but it is a must if the Republic is to survive. How prophetic were the words of Ben Franklin when he answered the question: “What have you given us”? With his laconic: “A Republic Madam, if you can keep it”!

With the skillful maneuver of the responsible Republicans in Wisconsin’s Capitol, they have scored a victory in order to save the fiscal future of their state, but in so doing, they have forever made some very powerful enemies and God only knows how this might end.

In contrast again with the Tea Party, the forces of the left involved in Wisconsin have already threatened Governor Scott Walker et al with death. Ah, Robespierre! Are they planning of installing a guillotine in front of the Capitol? Will there be a Scarlet Pimpernel to the rescue?

For starters, Rev. Jesse Jackson has vowed revenge; the whole Obama team whether on its own or not, will be ready to strike and it won’t be pretty; the ones to watch though, are the union bosses who will stop at nothing to preserve the millions of dollars their members are forced to fork-out on a regular basis; they won’t give-up easily.

Do you see the contrast with the Tea Party? No violence on their part, death threats on the Marxist side. Don’t you think the perpetrators of violence, threats, etc., should be dragged into jail? Don’t hold your breath though, their colleagues are in power.

Incidentally, where is the outrage of the Marxist Media at the behavior of the union hordes? How come no one is complaining about the language, the signs, the law breaking, and the behavior of the modern sans culottes? I thought the Tea Party was "responsible" for inciting violence in Arizona! What kind of violence would there be now, if we all reacted like the Marxists? Civil War?

Thank God the violence is and has always been on the left side of the political spectrum!

This is way out of hand as so many of us predicted long ago. Is there a solution? Yes. Being from the right, we don’t suggest violence like the Marxists do. We like legal means for achieving success. Obama doesn’t have a long-form birth certificate; otherwise, he would have shown it long before and save himself what many estimate at two-million dollars to fight in court law suites trying to force him to produce it as well as other missing documents.

Congress has a duty to step-in and force Obama to comply with the demands and show his documents; if he doesn’t he must be removed from office and, all laws, appointments, etc., caused by him, must become null and void. Will Congress finally show some much-needed cojones?

It is time for Americans to stop listening to Hollywood’s celebrities and think for themselves. After all, those celebrities have no more political training than anyone else; they are just exploiting their celebrity status to convince gullible people of their beliefs.

There’s no time to waste or the country will be forever lost and unable to recover as it was planned from the beginning.

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero