Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sessions: 'All You Want To Do Is Spend Money, Buy Votes, and Say You're Spreading the Wealth

Elisabeth Meinecke

Sen. Sessions expressed frustration on the Senate floor that Congress is again ignoring the message of the American people in the last election.

After so much grandstanding yesterday, this has to rank as one of the more heartfelt and clear-cut defenses of why the GOP is fighting so hard to enact the cuts needed to help get the country back on track economically.

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He wasn't scared to call out the losers in the last election on why they lost: spending.

"It was a shellacking for the big spenders," Sessions reminded everyone of the election results in November 2010. He said the American people's message was, "All you want to do is spend money, buy votes, and say you're spreading the wealth around."