Wednesday, July 6, 2011


By Gordon Bishop On The Issues
After writing more that 10,000 news reports and columns over the last 52 years (and 14 books), I have come to the sad conclusion that liberal Democrats are dumber than dirt!
Actually, that's an insult to "Dirt."
 Dirt, at least, allows farmers to supply America with its wonderful food chain. It has a real value: Eat, or Die.
You can't say that about the liberal Democrat Party, which is obsessed with money, money, money...taxes...taxes...and more taxes, which has pushed America into a bankruptcy debt hole of more than $25 triillion.
Who's going to pay off this unprecedented, historic DEBT?
Today's generation?
My children's generation?
My grandchildren's generation?
My great-grand-children's generation?
This Century?
Or the next Century?
I'd like the current radical President, Barack Hlussein Obama, to tell America's taxpayers the TRUTH about America's DEBT, and where the money's coming from to pay off his endless DEBT.
The Democrat Party has no solutions. They got us into this financial disaster.
 If the dirty Dems have no rationale solution, then the People's Republic of China (a Communist nation) will own America--and its multi-trillion-dollar DEBT!
China (and a few other countries) own the USA. They are buying up our greatest assets: those successful cities and  "Burbs" that are NOT in DEBT.
 What Obama and his crooked Chicago thugs have done to our country is to spend more money than all of the presidents combined, beginning with our founding Father--George Washington.
General Washington fought a successful American Revolution over 200 years ago to break away from England and its dictatorial King George, who taxed Tea, setting off the Revolution that freed the original 13 Colonies.
It took a Black African Arab from Kenya, Africa(Obama) only two years in office to destroy this once prosperous and mighty nation-- the "Leader of the Free World."
Obama would not know how to build a great nation because he is a British Citizen, not a natural born citizen.
Obama was born when Kenya, Africa was under the rule of Great Britain.
Under the United States Constitution, any foreign citizen cannot serve as President of the United States.
So who cares?
The United States Supreme Court doesn't seem to give a hoot.
The United States Congress could care less, mainly because its elected politicians are either idiots or crooks.
So that's why America is now entering another 1930s Great Depression.
We need now another American Revolution to get rid of an illegal President and his administration of the worst kind of crooks you could possibly find in our 50-state nation.
(Obama once told his audience that America has 57 states. So much for a political hack who graduated from Harvard Law School.."
How did Obama get into Harvard Law School with his lack of knowledge and political skills.
This guy's a 5th grade "nobody." Actually, no one in the Democrat party, or Washington, knew anything about a guy named Obama from the south side of Chicago, the most crooked city in America.
As I am writing my column, I have an article on my desk from the Asbury Park Press, about New Jersey's Democrat party and Legislature doing every thing they can to pass a law increasing taxes for only millionaires.
New Jersey is the most tax state in the nation.
The wealthy taxpayers have been leaving this Garden State and moving to States that have no income tax or other such burdening, unnecessary taxes, such as Texas and Florida.
 Leave it to the Liberal Democrat Party to destroy the best of what America yields.
All I can say, as usual, is "God Bless America."
(Gordon Bishop, a 'Who's Who in the World" author, historian, syndicated columnist and New Jersey's "First Journalist-of-the-Year, 1986--New Jersey Press Association, founded in 1854.)