Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Joseph A Gamero

In spite of all my titanic efforts of the past three years I'm still at a loss of what is going on in the most (ex?) powerful country in the world.

I'm not talking about Barry Soetoro a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama Jr., a.k.a. Barry Dunham, etc. I got his number from day one as my readers have known for a long time.

I'm speaking of the decent and sincere Democrats à la Jefferson (perhaps not many left); I'm speaking of the Conservative Republicans who are not pushing to the limit those RINOs who have managed to escape the 2010 election (but will NOT have the same luck in the 2012 general election); I'm speaking of the onetime gullible Americans who bought, lock stock and barrel, the continuous lies of the Usurper-in-Chief; the puller of the greatest scam, deception and fraud in the history of the U.S.A.

How much more do you need, to understand the extent of the anti-American deception Barry Soetoro has engaged on, to destroy the American dream, the American way of life and to put an end to the greatest political experiment in the world's history -which in my view- was influenced by God Himself.

Barry is NOT incompetent; Barry fits exactly the requirements of the inexperienced, not that bright, easy to control puppet, which the powers behind him needed to manipulate him at will.

"Spooky Dude" et all, have done a brilliant job at dismantling the notorious American exceptionalism that made America the greatest power in the world in the shortest period of time.

The intent, of course. is to plunge the country into chaos, on purpose, so as to rise as the saviors of the situation by demanding more power to get things back to normal. Hitler did it, Stalin did it Mussolini did it and so on.

Obama has lied from day one and used rhetoric and great sounding statements (just as Hitler did) to gain the confidence of those who were politically uneducated (they are now learning fast). That's not the only reason why he "won" the 2008 election; there are many of us who believe that his pears at ACORN and spin-offs along with many excessively zealous union volunteers used unconstitutional tactics to rig the election in his favor.

Needless to say that an unbiased investigation of the provenance of some funds could also reveal some interesting things. But one of the most important facts, is the people Obama has appointed all along to key positions, and the common points in their backgrounds.

The Usurper-in-Chief said once that we should judge him by the people with whom he surrounds himself. Well, sir, thanks for the tip, we've done just that and you didn't come out smelling like roses.

The Usurper-in-Chief, has continuously show a profound disdain for all things American, especially the constitution; has apologized for almost every action taken by the USA since before he was born; he has offended the few allies America had B.O. (Before Obama); he has participated in illegal and/or unconstitutional acts; has refused the legitimate requests of many Americans that he show his qualifications to be the Commander-in-Chief rather than the Usurper-in Chief, all to no avail.

Does the Anointed One truly believe that his "Devine mission" exempts him from compliance with the rules of the land? Does his immensurable arrogance have no limits? Rumor has it that he employs 4,000 people for his protection. JFK only had 300 and he would not have died in Dallas had it not been an inside job.

This man abhors everything American; detests the Military, hates the rich (although as most Marxists, doesn't seem to have a problem accumulating wealth while in office).

Now, the "Official" Chief Nutritionist of the U.S., is dictating to all Americans what to eat or not to eat (will she create a Gestapo like Food Police?). I'm speaking about Michelle Obama the White House Gardener, although I'm not sure how much time she truly devotes to it when there are no photo ops.

Which brings me to the next point. Will the White House be exempt from the prohibition of growing your own food at your own home which is been worked on now?

Let's face it, Barry Soetoro has been a dismal failure for America, although he's been a great success for the Marxists forces that control him. The great, great, great, grand children of the current generations will still be paying the irresponsible debt America has.

The American Dream is about to disappear, and a disproportionate number of Americans haven't come to grips with the situation yet.

Barack Hussein keeps on blaming his predecessor for the situation at hand. Newsflash Barry: It is now YOUR ECONOMY, it is now YOUR DOING! Stop behaving like an ill-mannered teenager picking a tantrum because he cannot get his way; grow-up or, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the bloody kitchen!

The use of rhetoric when you have nothing of substance to say, some of us can understand, but the scaremongering with the most vulnerable adults in our society; the seniors, is totally unforgivable! Aren't you ashamed of yourself? The crisis you're faking doesn't exist and you're following, not only Marx and Engels Communist manifesto, but the Rules of Radicals by Saul Alinsky, almost to the T.

Now it seems you're breaking more rules by having fundraisings where you shouldn't. Where will you stop? Will you acolytes register Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and the Marx Brothers as voters again for 2012? Will the New Black Panthers continue to intimidate voters without being prosecuted AS THE LAW REQUIRES by the Dept. Of Justice as in 2010?

Newsflash, Mr. President: redistributing wealth is known as Communism, not "social justice"!

I hope Americans have your number this time around and that, no amount of cheating will get you back to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

May God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero