Monday, July 18, 2011

America has Sacrificed Enough

And in fact, you do LOVE all the brothers throughout Macedonia. Yet we urge you, brothers, to do so more and more. 1 Thes 4:10


So Barak finally threatens grandma's Social Security check if America doesn't allow him to steal more of their money. He claims we haven't sacrificed enough when looking around my town and all the foreclosures, boarded up businesses and unemployed there has been plenty of sacrifices. I'd say the 45 year old mother across the street whose waitressing in a sports bar seems to be sacrificing enough. The only ones who haven't had to sacrifice is the gummit. The only parking lots with new BMWs are public worker lots. How about they give back all they have stolen and let America have a vacation from sacrificing. Most of America hasn't had a vacation since he walked in the door destroying their jobs.


In a couple more years not only will he be able to threaten grandma but will have your gummit healthcare to terrorize you with. Gee, I don't know if we will be able to keep the state hospitals open if you don't pay more of your hard earned dollars to me. After all his net worth only went up 200% while Pelosi's went up 65% and how has your 401K done since they have been controlling the checkbook? When he says shared sacrifice which is libspeak for higher taxes, then rest assured the District of Corruption will consider only five vacations a year, cutting back.

Tax increases on the Rich, which is cliche speak for anybody who hasn't lost everything yet to this attack on the economy will have an increase. Since everybody hates the rich due to envy and vilification they continue to divide using favorites like tax cuts for the rich to stir up the America haters as well as those outside the media who despise this Country and capitalism. If he gets his way then everybody earning over 40K will have another $3,000 going to Uncle Hussain. Built into the Bush tax cuts was a 15% reduction in taxes for everybody and was especially targeted at the families, with the increased child credits and education deductions. So while you can cheer the rich having to depreciate their Gulfstream 5s to make your life better, you will be paying another $3000 per year for the thrill of sticking it to the man! Yeah, hit him again Obama!


He has been at war with the American economy since he walked in the door as has the entire DNC establishment from Pelosi to DNCBS so now he is doubling down. How about they make a sacrifice and give America a tax holiday for about three months and give back to America some of what they have stolen from us over the past 5 years? We need to lay off 20% of the bureaucrats not that they would be missed. When they say balanced approach, how about they spread the sacrifice around to themselves and Pelosi give back all she made from her San Fran mass transit project? How about you share some of that $15 million Nazi Pelosi?


How about he have a few staycations rather than flying to Martha's Vineyard to play his hundredth round of golf and living like the nobility while the serfs are losing their jobs, houses and families? How about the Dictatorial class sacrifice by allowing us to drill for our own oil without his agencies putting people and industries out of work to increase the employment in this Country? How about a tax vacation rather than a tax hike since for most Americans it is the only vacation they see until he takes a permanent vacation.

He will of course claim how will we be able to pay the SSI and Medicare checks if there is a tax vacation? How about you pay it from the 17% SSI and Medicare payroll taxes they take from us every month as well as the matching the employer pays? You know, the payroll taxes that are refunded to the lower income workers, depleting the fund. If they can't pay it from those funds then it is past time to reform both of those corrupt systems.


You want to hear a pig squeal you simply suggest America is going to get a 3 month tax vacation. If they can't put that on the table and discuss it, how they can begin to let the slaves off the plantation then we don't need any cute phrases like Shared Sacrifice or Tax Cuts for Millionaires and Billionaires since we all know it simply means more spending and taxes for everyone. If taxpayers can lose their Jet deduction then you can lose your mortgage and charity deductions. How about all Democrats pay the higher rates he is suggesting since they love taxes so much? Until we begin to see the slightest sacrifice from gummit this is just another Cap and Trade tax increase scheme to spread more pork to their friends.

This is our moment with the debt ceiling to expose the entire corrupt system. It is deep and expensive to maintain, which is why they have to point at their usual villains to keep the smoke and mirrors working. When they point to the evil villain grab your checkbook because you are the target. Everybody hates rich white industrialists who are exploiters of the poor so who is going to stand for them keeping their money? It should be everybody who loves freedom and America since that is the description of everybody who has a job in the private sector. We should fight as hard for the job producers as they do for the job takers and until we do, they will win the argument. It is time to remind our lily livered leaders there is only one vacation America wants and needs, a vacation from taxes. America is all out of sacrifice.


Pray for America


Thank You