Sunday, July 31, 2011

ACTION: You Can Help Worth Reading at No Cost

Dear Worth Reading Readers,

When it comes to producing conservative news and information that helps inform and activate hundreds of thousands of conservative advocates, Worth Reading is always in need of your financial support.

We ask you to make donations (you can go to to make a safe online donation) to support Worth Reading because we don't have the big donors of the liberal left, the Hollywood elite, the major corporations purchasing advertising, or government handouts like Planned Parenthood. We are only able to promote the spread of conservative commentary and information because of your generosity.

If you can help us today with a financial gift, we would appreciate it. But not everyone can make a financial donation -- so we have a list of ways you can help Worth Reading inform and educate the public about the need to protect our future generations. And to do it without spending a penny.

Please connect with us in these ways, promote Worth Reading in your social networks, and do what you can to help us reach more people -- as education and action on legislative and political items is so important these days when the main stream media is fully liberal.

If you can do one of these things, great, if you can do more, that's even better. Please read through the list today and see what you can to do give Worth Reading a hand -- and at no cost!

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We are in a dire situation in this country today, and small publications like this one do not have the huge resources of George Soros pouring in like our liberal friends.

Worth Reading is not funded by the government like NPR.

Worth Reading is not funded by the government like PBS.

Please become a supporting member and help fund this ongoing effort to provide you with news and commentary relevant to our divided nation.

Help us get back our simple conservative values. Remember, the Bigger the Government - the Smaller the citizen!
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Seven Ways You Can Help Worth Reading

1. Ask friends to sign up for free news from Worth Reading. Just ask your friends to go sign up.

2. Encourage your friends and family to follow us on Facebook, Twitter -- where we provide the latest conservative news and updates in real time. And share, +1, or re-tweet Worth Reading articles on those social networking web sites. Suggest as many friends as possible and then share the news stories we post.

3. Seed Worth Reading stories on sites like Digg, Reddit, Newsvine, or Yahoo Buzz. We've provided an easy way to do this with the community links at the top of every news story.

4. Link to Worth Reading stories on your web site. Feel free to use a headline or a few paragraphs as a teaser and then link to the news article. You can also put Worth Reading headlines on your web site with the Worth Reading RSS Newsfeed

5. Take advantage of the Worth Reading archives. Did you know that well over 5,000 news articles are available at Worth Reading? If you're looking for an easy way to find information on conservative topics, candidates, people, or subjects, use the search at the top of our web site.

6. Mention Worth Reading in responses on your favorite blogs. When you respond to something, please include a link to a relevant Worth Reading story -- and you're welcome to quote from our news articles on blogs and forums to defend the conservative perspective.

7. Pray. We saved the best for last. We truly appreciate your prayers for Worth Reading that God will use this ministry to further the conservative cause. So many of you write in and let us know you've been praying for us and we appreciate that more than you know!