Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fwd: Palin vs FOX News

My purpose is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in LOVE, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ. Col 2:2

We already have our first dividing issue of the primary campaign. Mitt Romney thinks we need to keep those vital Ethanol Subsidies going and Sarah Palin who is driving the Campaign Bus says we should end all subsidies for energy production. Now the pundiots believe she is a dolt in the mold of Bush without the ability, staying power, articulation or popularity and has no business in the nomination since she has no chance or business sense. They believe she only has 3 firing brain cells inside her head of bimbo hair and is simply an embarrassment, but enough about Fox News.

It is long past time to end central planning through punishment and rewards forcing businesses and consumers to react economically to those gummit bribes. For example the entire District of Corruption is outraged the Oil industry is making a profit, nearly a fifth of the gummit's oil profits; so they want them punished to the tune of four Billion dollars. This of course will come out of the consumers' gas tanks, which is another one of their hidden taxes. While they are punishing the Big Oil their age old villain they are rewarding Windmills and Solar to the tune of $50 Billion which is going to their friends at GE. Then of course GE ends up using those tax credits to report no taxes thanks to all of the subsidies which they will reward back next election as political donations. The Circle of Slime continues.

The Alternative Energy industry has become nothing more than another DNC graft and corruption machine. They sell the masses as a way to free America from foreign oil when in reality it is a way to reward their friends by pouring tax dollars into businesses which have no chance of surviving let alone making a profit. Those dollars are returned back to the DNC through donations or jobs to favored groups or communities who are likely to vote for their candidates. After those businesses fail we are more enslaved to foreign oil like today and deeper in debt. If they were serious about the freeing of America from foreign oil we wouldn't have a moratorium on drilling or issuing permits but they do. There would be an all out effort to increase our own supply of oil and gas to power our economy as well as heat our homes. This is simply another one of their scams to enslave Americans to their money transfer schemes.

Funny how the self proclaimed experts of the Republican Party seem to be enamored with the usual politicians like Romney yet dismiss Palin since she doesn't have the proper breeding. The only people who hate the Tea Party more than the defeated politicians in the DNC are the defeated GOP Country Clubbers like Kranky, Krystal, Morris and Rove. They believe the only people who belong in their Inner Circle are those with the proper pedigree and education. They are ignorant of the historical fact some of the greatest leaders and minds were below average students such as Lincoln, FDR, Churchill, JFK, Reagan and Truman. Churchill barely got through college and was the greatest war leader of the last century who basically ran WWII. The best students were Wilson, Neville Chamberlain, Carter, Clinton and Obama assuming he has a transcript. Not exactly a one to one correlation since passing tests and regurgitating professor's opinions usually cripples leadership rather than reveals it.

We need leaders in America before she is destroyed. We are at a critical stage in this Country's future we are teetering on the edge of the abyss. There has been no recovery or pulling out of the canyon and likely will not be until we find some people who are serious about the sobering situation we are in. We need to end all subsidies throughout the economy starting with energy and in return we will end all moratoriums on carbon energy. We need to end the fraud of Global Warming and force the professors to put up or shut up. They too are another gummit money laundering system through the Grant system often paying them 10% directly to their salaries.

Our Country is in desperate need of a leader and right now the only one on the horizon is Sarah Palin. She is the only one independent enough to take on these huge albatross' which are the millstones around the economy's neck. The NE politicians are too immersed in the swamp they could never break free to make any difficult decisions. Romney couldn't even stand up to the Iowa caucus and take on the Ethanol subsidy so how could we ever expect him to attempt to unwind the suffocating money machines? Look how fast they are running away from the first attempt at Medicare reform. It is possible neither Palin or Bachmann would be able to stay independent either, but somebody has to be able to take on those arrows and daggers from the Establishment on both sides to make some real changes to unburden the American taxpayer and businessman.

So when the Establishmedia which sadly now includes' FOX, attacks Sarah Palin or any other Tea Party candidate like Cain they are attacking us, We the People. They don't understand it since they are simply being cute by calling Conservatives dumb which is their knee jerk, heavy on the jerk; reaction of the so called elite of the NE Corridor. They don't get they are calling regular Americans dumb, like the rest of their self proclaimed elitists. They truly believe gummit has all the answers and if you throw enough money at any problem government can solve it rather than make it worse.

Whoever we elect whether it's Palin, Cain or Romney, is going to have to not care or want the Leftwing Media's approval or respect since by taking down this House of Cards they are going to make a lot of enemies very quickly. There will be resistance from all sides like Medicare reform people will be holding onto their power for different reasons. Just like Ronald Reagan, they are going to hate him with every fiber of their beings for his 8 year run as he simply would cock his head twinkle his eyes smile and say, Well…..there you go again.

America needs another Ronald Wilson Reagan to drive the bus.

Pray for America