Thursday, June 9, 2011

DCCC Waits Three Weeks, Then Does The Right Thing?

The following is a statement from TVC President Andrea Lafferty following the news that DCCC Chair Allyson Schwarz (D-PA) is now calling for the resignation of Rep. Anthony Weiner after almost three weeks of questions.

After it was clear liberals would be roundly punished for protecting now-disgraced Rep. Anthony Weiner, DCCC Chair Allyson Schwarz (D-PA) decides to throw in the towel on her sidekick, according to Roll Call.

If America wants to see a "war on women" they have to look no further than the liberal's outrageous attempts to protect and abet Rep. Anthony Weiner and his scandalous behavior.

Three weeks too late, and only now do we hear the House Democratic leadership condemning acts for which -- had they occurred on the opposite side of the aisle -- Speaker Boehner would have drummed them out in moments, and now when it was politically impossible to defend their former darling pit-bull from New York.

Yet even more egregiously, the DNC's Debbie Wasserman Schultz apparently has taken the same instruction that Weiner demanded from his online harem: just sit down and shut up.

Even today, Wasserman-Schultz merely declined to address Weinergate -- this after having practically built her career as an attack dog by viscerally attacking Speaker Denny Hastert for not responding more quickly to Rep. Mark Foley's behavior, as this columnist noted:
Whatever happens with Weiner, DWS has made her craven double standards crystal clear. Her body of work is rank partisanship.

As chairwoman of the DNC, she's devolved into the perfect party drone. As one wag put it: Debbie Does Dullest.
Like Tokyo Rose and other propagandists, "DNC Debbie" is surely demonstrating to herself and others that the Democratic Party is perfectly content with condoning and excusing a war on women... so long as they are the ones doing it.