Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Press Fails to Tip Off Osama Bin Laden--Mission Successful!

by  Rev. Austin Miles

The dramatic death of Osama Bin Laden, announced yesterday, provoked a myriad of responses. But the most profound of all was a sense of bi-partisn unity for the first time since 9-11. At that time America with all its diverse opinions came together in collective outrage against those who attacked us on our shores, killing thousands of innocent people, without provocation. The horrendous sneak attack, directed by Osama Bin Laden, was killing for the sake of killing and showing power to possibly cower this nation into a surrender to Islam. The nation stood together for the first time in decades which gave the United States new strength.
During that brief time, prayer was suddenly OK, churches and Christianity itself was OK. Americans were more cordial toward one another. Republicans and Democrats worked together for what was good for America.  That unity, unfortunately, was short lived.  After the attacks, while the dead were still being found and buried, atheist Michael Newdow had filed a court case challenging the legality of the Pledge of Allegiance because it contained the words, "Under God." The lawsuit itself which argued yet another version of "Separation of Church and State," created a new divide as people began fiercely debating the issue.
The liberal courts switched back to their old stance against God and ruled that indeed, the Pledge of Allegiance was illegal because of the God-word, the very pledge that was comforting to all of America during the grieving of its citizens. This insane rulling was headlined in all newspapers, heralding a victory for atheists (at the expense of America) and the new divide widened to the point of being impassable while hostilities increased with atheists and socialists shouting that there was no place for God in any oaths in America, a country ironically founded on the principles of God. The lawsuits began. Even this writer was sued by Newdow, with heavy support from the Liberal courts, for publishing a piece about his lack of standing to bring such a case. After six years, the courts ruled against Newdow.
With the announcement of the death of Osama Bin Laden, the most vicious terrorist in history, the world, including those on both sides of the aisle have come together in collective relief that the Al Queda leader was finally hunted down and dispatched. A secret mission to take him out had been in the works for several months. So secret that even Congresswoman Jackie Spiers was unaware of it. Obama took the presidential reins in this one and made certain that the operation was just that…..secret!  And THAT was the reason for the success.
Had the word leaked out, The New York Times would have published all details of the upcoming mission which would have been thwarted.  Exactly as The New York Times prevented the capture of Osama Bin Laden shortly after 9-11 by publishing that the CIA knew his whereabouts by his cell phone and they were planning to move in. The terrorist immediately got rid of his cell phone and disappeared in another location. The capture of the worst enemy we have ever had was thwarted BY the liberal newspapers, until now, ten years later, due to the White House keeping it absolutely clandestine. Cheers to Obama for excellent presidential leadership that brought us to this point. If he continues on this path to truly protect America, he may very well wind up in the annals of historic greatness.
The world itself is NOT united in relief to a master terrorist being killed. Those who agree with indiscriminate killing and destruction have posted on their Al Queda and Jihad websites expressions of grief, anger and outrage over the take down of their leader. They will in turn be dealt with.
America IS again united. This time, let us STAY together in unity. This includes unity between America and the liberal newspapers who have done everything they can to destroy this country, aid the enemy, and give the enemy confort. That means no more revelations of security information such as the new spy plane that The Grey Lady published a diagram of, with all dimensions, capacity, flight range and weapons, which outraged this veteran. Hopefully they will all re-think their positions and join the rest of this nation in vowing to never allow another Osama Bin Laden to exist.
The successful mission to take down Osama will demonstrate to the world that yes, we will collectively hunt down and execute any enemy of America no matter how long it takes. Perhaps if the newspapers cooperate, it will not take so long in the future. And let it be seen that any country sheltering such a terrorist will be dealt with swiftly and with deadliy force, then our military will leave them in the debris of their destruction and definitely NOT come back to rebuild their cities, towns, schools and factories. nor give them any aid whatsoever.
A firm statement must be made that America stands by as a peaceful nation ready and willing to help any country hammered by disaster. But God help those who try to strike our country or our allies again. The response will be immediate and lasting. This will only be possible by the continued unity of America.  Long live Unity in This Land of The Free.