Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Day for Heroes

by Andrea Lafferty

Osama Bin Laden, after an effort that began in 2007 with a courier and culminated in a firefight in a tightly controlled compound 40 miles from Islamabad, Pakistan, is finally dead.

While the free West celebrates, let us keep in mind the heroes -- our men and women in uniform deployed overseas, their families who make their service possible, and most especially those who have surrendered their lives in the struggle against Islamic terrorism.

Today remains a day for celebration. Tomorrow will be a day for assessment. The enemies of America still roam at large, as Islamic terrorist infiltration and conduits for the influence of organizations such as HAMAS -- who condemned America's mission to kill their "holy warrior" Osama Bin Laden -- and we must remain vigilant if we are to remain free.

Of course, the voices that aren't being heard speak loud and clear. Where is the "moderate Muslim" voice congratulating the United States on wiping out this scourge? Where are the celebrations on the Muslim street? Other than muted verbiage from a handful, the overwhelming response from the Muslim world has been mixed. Clearly, there is much more work to do.

Today is a day for heroes. We thank our military personnel, and all those who have given permanent and enduring sacrifices to achieve this one step towards wiping out the scourge of Islamic terrorism. As former President Bush so accurately stated, "No matter how long it takes, justice will be done."