Monday, May 2, 2011

Oh No, Exxon makes a profit!

 And this is my prayer; that your LOVE may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, Phil 1:9

Now we are supposed to hate the Oil Companies for making too much profit in a recession/depression. Never mind they made this profit in spite of an intense war by the Fed on these companies, they made too much profit. Never mind they paid multiple times their profits in taxes to the gummit or that they employed millions of people worldwide, we are supposed to hate them for exploiting the middle class or proletariat. Just like every other strategic company the commie libs have run out of America, we are supposed to hate them and let Barack Hussain Obama take them over.

They are to be hated by Commiebama voters due to earning $11 Billion which they judge excessive. Why is it excessive? The only thing excessive is the fact they had to pay $40 Billion in taxes to an overbearing wasteful gummit. What is excessive is Exxon was stuck with 41% corporate taxes when the worldwide average is around 25% so what are the reasons Exxon wants to stay here? We are supposed to hate big oil since we have been taught it from birth and because they make more profit in a rising market they are to be punished even more severely than they are already.

Why is Ohbummer not happy with $40 Billion dollars and believes he deserves the $44 Billion he is trying to extort with his profit envy tactic. What a real leader would do is hail the accomplishment of making a good profit in a trying market while highlighting all the great charities and goodwill they have provided. To have a company making a profit while the economy has been in recession is worth commending not punishing and then ask how the gummit could help make things better, but that would take a leader not a destroyer.

How does Exxon make these larger margins in an up market? Commodities are simple when you know the prices are going to rise. When you have outside forces wanting to raise the market like a President who says prices must rise and then begins closing down all of the production of raw materials you are 90% sure you will see those prices rise. You and $oro$ then go out and purchase all the raw material you can in anticipation of that rise. A few months later when that product arrives at lower than today's market pricing you make your normal profit in addition to the market based profit you made from buying right. If the market had gone the other way you would have made your normal profit but lost on the market which happens during normal markets. $oro$ would have lost by guessing wrong on the market speculation like if the dollar were to unexpectedly rise.

If obozo was smart and really wanted to punish Exxon he would allow drilling and make them eat all the oil they have speculated on in anticipation of yet higher prices. They are expecting $150-200 per barrel oil which will make for $5-6/gal gas. If Present Hussain would allow American producers to drill and turn on the spigot there would be a powerful signal to the market America is going to get serious about its oil production and collapse the price overnight. Exxon would then be processing higher priced oil and be left holding the bag on millions of barrels of high priced commodity. Don't throw them into the briar patch Barak Fox! Just think of all the pain and suffering you could cause the oil companies if you allowed drilling and exploration of our resources? They may need a bailout and your control if you did such an unexpected move?

We should be saluting our successful companies not punishing them. Next time you fill up and it says $50 you can get angry that $6 is profit to Exxon and the owner of the station. Then you can get mad that $6 is gas taxes and another $12 is corporate taxes. Then perhaps you can get furious knowing at least $20 is gummit interference and mismanagement of our resources driving the cost of an abundant fuel into the stratosphere. The remainder is to pay nations who hate us to do the drilling our gummit won't allow. Finally you can go ballistic nobody is doing anything to lower the price or look out for your $50 and only scheming new ways to take more and more of it. The reality of the situation is Exxon is on our side while the gummit is trying to siphon the tanks of both you and Exxon.

The outrage of this entire picture is that Exxon has to pay a gummit which is trying to put them out of business $40 Billion. If they were taxed at the worldwide rate they would be able to keep an additional $15 Billion to pass on to consumers or develop their facilities making themselves more efficient. Rather it is siphoned into the District of Corruption to be used for graft and favors. Rather they want to take another $4 Billion for their greedy selves and guess where that money will come from, add another $1 to your tank. This tactic is getting a bit stale but it still seems to work on the braindead libs, oh how they hate the evil oil companies. It is time to buy a locking gas cap.

We once again have the same old position of the commies standing in the way of free enterprise to promote their agenda of a bigger and more powerful gummit. They are going to the tired but true envy of the rich to manipulate the masses into punishing themselves. Those masses are expected to see excessive profits as stealing from them while ignoring that they are the targets and their tanks are the access to their ever shrinking bank accounts. Since the Bolshevik revolution these masters of propaganda have painted the Evil Capitalist boogeyman can only be controlled by a benevolent all powerful gummit protecting the middle class from the Evil Capitalist, for a fee of course. When the middle class realizes he and the Capitalist are on the same side against an oppressive central government, then Freedom will begin to Ring.

Pray for America

Thank You