Saturday, May 28, 2011

Obama’s Intellectual Stammering and Walter Williams’ Ramblings

Bob Uda, PhD

Obama displays intellectual stammering

Please read the following interesting article: In an opinion article in The Los Angeles Times, the author defends President Barack Obama's speech impediment when speaking off-the-cuff and labels it as "Intellectual Stammering." This explains why he must use a teleprompter because he would go off half-cocked if he spoke without the teleprompter. He simply cannot put words together in coherent sentences.

I previously read an article that indicated that Obama had a scar on his skull (a photo was shown to verify this) indicating a possible previous brain surgery. If it was a serious operation, the brain damage may have affected his thinking/reasoning ability and, therefore, his speaking ability. If that turns out not be to be problem, then, his previous drug addiction may have affected his brain functions that further affect his thinking/reasoning ability and speech ability. There is an explanation for the many errors and mistakes he has made in his speeches, e.g., 57 states in the union, his father serving in World War II, his forgetfulness of all of the promises he made in the 2008 campaign, doctors cutting off feet when a simple procedure would do, etc.

I had a speech impediment (stammering) during the first 20-25 years of my life. Thus, I have a good understanding of how difficult it was for me to get the thoughts out when my mind would go blank. Obama suffers from a similar handicap. I overcame this stammering problem by the time I had graduated from college. I attribute my problem to lack of confidence. Obama not overcoming this problem, even up to the age of 50, indicates that it is a more severe problem than a mere confidence, mental, or emotional difficulty. He must have something more severe caused by brain damage. If it were not for the teleprompter, nobody would consider him as an orator and great speaker.

My Thoughts on an Editorial by Dr. Walter Williams

Dr. Walter Williams wrote an editorial that makes the following conclusions:

DR. WILLIAMS predicts that Obama cannot lose the 2012 election.

In addition to the voting blocks that he mentions, there is another huge group: the nearly one-half of all adults who do not pay any taxes and, in fact, most of them receive money from the government. These people do not want to "shake the boat" to do anything to stop the flow of taxpayer money to themselves. [Ed. What a bunch of worthless, sponging leeches!]

On Dr. Williams' prediction: Maybe you have read some newspaper articles written by Dr. Williams, a conservative economist, who just happens to be Black. He has taught at several Universities and is currently teaching at George Mason University.

My response follows:

This piece by Walter Williams is a pile of garbage. Williams' objective is to psych us into thinking we cannot win, so we will not bother trying. It is an attempt to get everyone believing in his conclusion so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. I have made a prophecy that whoever wins the Republican nomination shall become the next POTUS. That prophecy flies in the face of and totally opposes Walter Williams' conclusion. Hence, I would not pay any attention whatsoever with his rationale.

The usurper Obama will be destroyed politically with the coming October 2012 Surprise. Obama will lose certain percentages from all minority groups—including the Blacks. He will definitely not win a majority of the American Jewish votes. He will not win the critical battleground states of Florida and Ohio. If Obama ever wins a second term, it will be because he bamboozled all of the people again with his lies.

He will mobilize the ACORN, New Black Panthers, SEIU members, and the illegal aliens to steal the election with voter fraud, rigging of voting machines, and stuffing of ballot boxes. Hence, through lying, cheating, and stealing Obama could win the election. The man will spend up to $2 billion to buy the presidency. However, we are going to put a stop to him cheating to win.
Walter Williams is a RINO and not a true conservative. He would be a true Republican if he spent all of his time, energy, and money in defeating Obama instead of working as hard as he is doing to make him win a second term. Williams is a traitor to the constitutional conservative cause. I would not listen to him but, instead, would implement our plan to defeat Obama through legal, peaceful means by bringing all Republican and conservative voters to the polls on November 6, 2012. We must win the national, state, and local contests by avalanches. If not, we will lose our country that we love. Let us prove the prophecy right and Williams' prediction wrong.


Robert T. (Bob) Uda, PhD (ABD), CM, CHSP, is a "strict constructionist" constitutional conservative, political analyst, commentator, grass-roots activist, blogger, reporter, writer and author, engineer, philosopher, churchman, educator, businessman, entrepreneur, consultant, researcher, and counterterrorist. He has authored over 50 publications including 17 books. Internationally recognized in community service, Bob has served as a member of over 75 boards of directors and regents, foundations, trusteeships, executive and operations committees, councils, panels, and senate. A lifelong learner, he has earned five college and advanced degrees. Bob, a veteran, served in the USAF for over eight years and worked in the aerospace and defense industries for over a quarter century. Parents of three children and six grandchildren, he and his wife of 42 years live in San Marcos, California. His latest book is Obama's Agenda: Fundamentally Transforming the United States of America.