Friday, May 6, 2011

Let's fix our economy and make our country safer, all at the same time.

Let's fix our economy and make our country safer, all at the same time. It is not that hard of a thing to do really.

Open all available oil and gas resources under the American domain, and push aggressive harvesting of these resources. We have a huge amount of natural resources that will make us strong again if we utilize them.

Remove all the government taxation and over regulation of these, which only strangle the industry. This will ENCOURAGE all American companies to aggressively invest and build in America!

Create new refining and distribution centers for these resources all over the nation.

How will this solve our economic and national safety issues all at the same time?

Here is a simplistic easy to understand list.

1. This will create millions of jobs in harvesting, processing and distributing of these resources.

2. This will drastically lower our fuel costs, which effect the prices of everything from a gallon of milk you drink to the bag of tomatoes in the produce section.

3. The millions of new workers will be earning money and spending it in our economy.

4. We will NOT be sending trillions of dollars every year to all the different people out there who hate us and want to destroy us. If we never started sending all of our money to certain parts of the world, terrorism never would have grown into existence. Terrorists are parasites that feed off of our own money. Many would still be living in the stone ages except for our money which is their primary source of income.

5. All of those trillions of dollars we currently send OUT OF OUR ECONOMY would be instead inserted INTO our economy!

6. When all of these people are spending the trillions of dollars infused into OUR economy, every transaction will be generating tax dollars for our government to build our roads and pay our fire fighters.

7. With the costs of everything being lowered due to utilizing our own resources, factories will start springing up all over the place. Manufacturing will once again become viable in our great nation, instead of China or elsewhere in the world. We need to be sure to remove taxation and over regulation on all of these new manufacturing industries as they will also be pumping billions into our economy by hiring lots and lots of out of work people.

8. We will be able to once again hold our heads high. Americans, tough self sufficient people who take pride in working hard and growing their personal wealth to better their families. We will once again believe it is a good thing to try to leave our children in a better financial position than we ourselves held.

Are you with me?