Monday, May 2, 2011


My friends, I've waited a couple of days just to make sure that I was on the right path. Well, I think I was, I am, and always have been on the issue of Barry Soetoro's eligibility to the White House.

I feel kind of vindicated after putting-up with so many critics swearing that the Usurper-in-Chief, was qualified under the Constitutional requirements to be president of the USA.

What do you know? Those of us who disagreed where on the right track!

There's something that bothers me in this whole thing though: why now and what are "they" up to?

Let's face it; it has been obvious to all my readers that I don't hold in great esteem those who are on the extreme left-side of the political spectrum, but I don't think they are complete idiots; they would have to be (at least those personally involved in the latest fiasco), to be so careless as to leave a trail as wide as the Gran Canyon, for computer experts to follow and find that the latest "birth certificate" presented, is a fake.

O.K., you're right; I don't trust those lefties as far as I can throw them! Am I overly suspicious? Maybe, maybe not. Do you think the entire Soetoro team is that stupid? Do you believe that there isn't anyone involved who would have put the "document" through the paces as our side has done? If you do, you have become careless and you might be in for a surprise.

Now, the courts must look into this case and Congress must start an investigation p.d.q. Remember, there's the case in which an innocent man, Terrence Lakin, was convicted of a crime he might not have committed. If he turns out to be right in distrusting Barry Soetoro, the system has failed him and he's owed big time.

His superior officers might also be guilty of neglect by not protecting his right to justice adequately. It seems to me that there will be a lot of the smelly stuff flying around, but then again, this "presidency" hasn't smelled good since before it started.

Why are there two different dates of birth for Barack Obama Sr., on file with the federal government?

Why does the date of Obama Sr. on the "birth certificate (of Jr.) not reflect his real date of birth? Why was he kicked-out of America?

Why is Barry Soetoro so secretive about all aspects of his life? What else is he hiding? What effect could it have on the United States of America? Where are the other documents he's been asked to show and why doesn't he show them?

Now, let's assume for a moment that we're not being set-up and the certificate is fake:

            a) Wasn't Barry Soetoro a professor of Constitutional Law? If so, he MUST have known that he didn't             meet the requirements the Constitution demanded. So what does that make him?

            b) Does the corrupt-media's refusal to vet him, as they did with John S. McCain,  make them             accomplices? What about Pelosi and Reid? Pelosi signed two different documents approving Barry.

            c) When Soetoro supported and signed the document which said that John McCain was in fact a "natural born" citizen, he already knew that he wasn't;  is he guilty of fraud? What else is he guilty of?

            d) If he wasn't born on U.S. soil, is he even (as I've hinted before) an American citizen? If he isn't, how             could an illegal alien reach the presidency of the U.S.?

            e) In the case above, what is to be done with him (and everybody else involved in the cover-up)?

            f) If so, who is he working for? I remember "Deep Throat" of Watergate fame hinting: "follow the             money."

 Those are just suppositions, but well worth exploring. Needless to say that, should they come to be true, everything done, signed, authorized, appointed, etc. by Barry Soetoro, should be null and void.

Of course, every decision made by any of Soetoro's appointees, should also be null and void. Wouldn't that make most Americans happy?

It would be thus very important for Congress to take the necessary steps right away, so the country can go back to business and start a much needed recovery. Every American citizen deserves to watch the country go back to respecting the Constitution and the American way.

Then again, we might be wrong and "they" might be up to no good once more; nothing new there.

One thing is certain. The decent citizens would like to see justice fully applied in this fiasco without any exceptions.

I just wonder what "thrill-up-my-leg" Chris Mathews is feeling at this moment. Do thrills go down the legs as well?


Joseph A. Gamero