Tuesday, April 19, 2011


More and more people are calling for Obama's impeachment. I disagree with them; impeaching Obama would legitimize his illegal election. Impostors have to be kicked-out, not impeached.

Chicago style gangsters have taken over this administration and America is looking for a new Elliot Ness; any takers?

This administration is looking more by the day, like the Nazis of Germany in the 1930s; remember, the Hitlerian Youths were asked to blow the whistle on their parents and siblings; now Barry Soetoro's lackeys are telling young people not to listen to their parents or elders. That would be step one. Obama, by the way, has its own Obaman Youths; they are just keeping it quiet as with the Community Organizers, with the full complicity of the MSM (Marxist Stream Media). Boy, do I hope they are one day called to the floor to defend their despicable actions!

Look for example at the war on Libya that, irresponsible Barry has gotten the country into. "We The People" have no idea of what is really going on over there. Believe me there is more going on than you've been told!

Make no mistake, if you're not extremely alert, between the powerful corrupt unions and the Soros-funded ACORN and the likes, this administration is ready to steel the next election as they did in 2008.

I'm a little bit puzzled. I know and admire the Tea Party Movement but I don't understand why they are not pushing this anti-American administration much harder. America has never been so close to a revolution since 1775.

Has there ever been a president in the U.S. who has so blatantly defecated on the Founding Fathers' Constitution? For some observers outside of North America, it may look downright like treason, don't you think?

I wonder; if Barry is allowed to finish his term, will America have any friends left in the world? Oh, don't think the loss of friends is an accident or a matter of incompetence; Barry Soetoro is doing, on purpose, all the damage he's permitted to do, by the dirty complicity of the MSM (see above) and the cowardice of some RINOs and professional politicians on the GOP, who have been way to long on the job not to owe too much to some private (or public) interests.

Is it possible that any American could betray its country thus? Who said Barry is American? Who said that even if he was born in Hawaii he is legitimately in the White House?

Does it strike a cord with you that the only countries in the Middle East and North Africa, which are experiencing revolts (some say that Barry's administration is behind them), are those which were not ruled by radical Muslims?

How about Obama's refusal to help the legitimate grassroots revolt in Iran over a year ago? Why did he say that it would be inappropriate to interfere with the removal of the most despicable regime ever, in the Middle East? Iran is the most ferocious enemy America has ever had in that part of the world and, the one building nuclear arms with which to destroy (as they have promised) Israel and even the U.S.?

What does Barry have against Israel aside from his early years of radical Islam education? Donald Trump is right in demanding Barry shows, not only his birth certificate (which many of us have been asking for since the beginning) but all his records as a student, etc. I will write about The Donald in another column.

I don't care what religion Barry professes as long as he comes clean with it, but since he claims to be a Christian (a bit doubtful), why doesn't he show his baptism papers? Like with his long form birth certificate (if he has one) what is he afraid it contains that he keeps refusing to show it. Is the name of both parents in it and could that be the reason for his refusal?

What could Barry have on Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid that they can serve him so blindly even if it causes harm to the nation?

Sixty-two percent of Americans oppose the raising of the debt ceiling yet, the disgusting Marxist Troika will go to extremes to push for increasing the ceiling. Why? What could possibly be the advantage of doing it?

Republicans must not compromise on this issue, whatever the cost! You cannot give these irresponsible poor facsimiles of leaders, another blank check to financially destroy the greatest nation in the world. Every American, regardless of partisanship, must insist on Congress and the Senate going back to the principles of the Founding Fathers, which made the American experiment the greatest political success in the history of mankind; pass a law that will force all administrations to live within their means; listen to all financial experts and implement drastic spending in almost all areas, and cut taxes so as to stimulate the economy and allow the private sector to create jobs.

To accomplish the above, all government agencies which are hindering the pursuit of happiness, the freedom of speech and the equality of all, MUST be repealed.

O.K., so some of you are thinking that I'm dreaming in color, I know, because I can hear the wheels turning from where I am; well, maybe, but if you don't dream with me, you'll be, very soon, up to your eyebrows in alligators!

God Bless America!


Joseph A. Gamero