Saturday, April 9, 2011


Joseph A. Gamero

I'm not saying this lightly; let's face it, America is right-leaning for the most part and, it is only because of a minority Marxist controlling the Old Democratic Party, that the world is facing the chaos that exists today in the U.S.A. and affects every country in the planet.

I mentioned the world, because until recently, the old USA was the engine that ran the world economically and otherwise. Then, Soetoro happened and the rest is history. Barry has totally declared "war" on our allies, starting with repeated offenses to the British, with whom there's been a natural affinity since things settled down after the War of Independence.

This, possibly illegal administration, has proven to be anti-Israel to the core while favoring Islam with all its heart (something to do with Barry's first religion?).

The great majority of countries in the world hoped that Barry Soetoro could indeed be the "savior" he claimed to be during the 2008 campaign and beyond and gave him every chance to prove it. Alas, he did the opposite.

Now, Europe including Russia, Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, hate his guts (and by extension, those of every American). Not to worry though, at home, things look a lot better, don't they? Several states have or are considering passing laws to take-back the powers that the Federal government has been usurping for the last say, one hundred years.

Over half of the states have passed or are about to pass legislation to ignore Obamacare; the discontent with Barry is growing by leaps and bounds and the only faithful ones are the left-wing core of the super left-wing party, that is the union bosses who really own Barry and the financiers who are responsible for supporting the enormous machine of community organizers. And even there, Spooky Dude, has already hinted that if Soetoro can't do it, "they" will have to find someone who can. Could it be clearer than that who's boss?

There are even serious considerations given to secession in some circles, something not heard of since the end of the Civil War.

So much for the Messiah and Savior of Hope and Change; he forgot to explain what kind of hope and what kind of change, or better yet, he didn't because had he done so, no matter how frustrated with Bush American were, they would have never voted this clown.

Now, to what prompted me to start this article.

I have known of the cynicism and deceit the Marxists have always used in order to turn the tables of blame on the Republicans, but the tactics used in the current budget dispute tops them all.

You have lawmakers stating that the Republicans want to kill women, starve seniors; they are comparing the patriotic stance taken by the Republicans to stop the mad, out-of-control spending that's bankrupting the country (mandate given to them by the electorate last November), with the killing of innocent civilians by terrorists.

Heck, in his unbelievable huge cynicism, Harry Reid said that the Republicans want to deny his wife, his daughter and his nine grand-daughters, the necessary health care.

First and foremost, Harry Reid's family has a healthcare insurance that is the envy of all Americans, except for his peers in Congress. In fact in may be the envy of most people on earth! Is he lying? Well, yes, he is, but the reason is to dramatize a situation where the Republicans are doing their duty, by trying to make it an emotional issue. The old: "The end justifies the means."

Remember, an internal memo to all Hypocrat lawmakers, said to use strong words like Republicans are extreme, use words that will blame the Tea Party, and use many other disgusting tactics, whether they are true or not. Then again, that is the Marxist way (they prefer to be called "Progressives" but I prefer the truth). These people wouldn't know the truth if it bit them in the ankle.

Let's face it, the Republicans have not always been right and have made many mistakes as most humans always do on occasion, but at this moment in history, when the U.S. is on the brink (some think that it's done purposely), playing political games is not just unpatriotic, it is, in my opinion, treasonous.

A Sixty-one billion dollar cut in a budget of $3.6 trillion is a drop in the bucket and vis-à-vis the total debt, it is insignificant.

So why are the Marxists so entrenched into their ways? They seem to think we are in1990's and what worked so well for groping Willy, could work as well for their Messiah.

The thing is, we're not in 1990's; we have the Internet, Facebook and all the other social communication tools as well as great search engines (which is why the dictator-in-chief wants to grab control of those media, since he controls most of the old fashion media) and it is impossible to fool people the way Teflon Willy did.

Let's face it. The Hypocrats with the help of some decent Democrats, had control of both houses plus the executive; they had an obligation to provide and pass a budget to fund this session and they are guilty of dereliction of duty, which is why, they are now using smoke and mirrors to cover their tracks and are blaming the majority in Congress for insisting on doing its duty.

I hope all Americans who are politically savvy, will show the rest what kind of dirty tricks these lefties are playing.

As I have called for before, this is the time to demand from the "president" proof of meeting all of the requirements to be in the White House. I have a strong feeling that he won't be able to do it, in which case, the whole debate is frivolous since everything done for the last two years plus, should be null and void.

Notwithstanding the above, I also think that, once the budget situation is out of the way, a thorough investigation of the circumstances under which a possible hoax of incredible proportions might have taken place, must be undertaken with any and all culprits if any are found, suffering the heaviest punishments allowed by law.

As I'm about to send this, I hear that Barry Soetoro finally blinked if only for the time being. Don't forget that there's a bigger battle coming up soon. Time will tell.

For today, as the old cartoon used to say "That's all folks"!


Joseph A. Gamero