Friday, April 8, 2011

Legislature Passes Bill to Extend In-State Tuition Rates -- to Illegal Aliens...

Md. House passes bill allowing illegal immigrants in-state tuition

By Meg Tully

ANNAPOLIS -- The Maryland House of Delegates passed a bill to allow in-state tuition rates for illegal immigrants in the state's community colleges.

After those students graduate community college, they would qualify for in-state tuition at the state's four-year higher education institutions as well.

The bill passed the house 74-66 on Friday evening.

All six Frederick County delegates voted against the bill. That included delegates Kathy Afzali, Galen Clagett, Donald Elliott, Patrick Hogan, Michael Hough and Kelly Schulz.

The bill has already passed the Maryland Senate, where Frederick County senator Ron Young voted in favor of it and Sen. David Brinkley voted against it.

Young and Clagett are the county delegation's only Democrats.