Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jobs Creation Rises Dramatically!

by Rev. Austin Miles
Obama has made good on his promises of job creation which will spike a rise in the economy.  Indeed, a short time after the last election, many new republican congresspersons and senators were hired, which began to bring the economy under control. So his plan is working!  Here is a partial list of current job listings including this job of the week:  Help Wanted: Air traffic controllers to work in major cities throughout The United States. Insomniacs given preferential status…..

Upcoming Job Opportunity:  Opening for Commander-in-Chief of U.S.A. No experience or birth certificate required. Perks include housing, first class travel and shopping trips, private security force and full staff to take care of every desire.  Illegals OK,  but must be able to read teleprompter in English.
Airport Security Screeners and Border Patrol Officers.  High paying jobs with all benefits including health insurance, college and university fee waivers, housing allowance and full access to airport facilities.  Citizenship proof helpful but not mandatory. Good morals preferred. Those without good morals will be hired at a lower rate of pay but with legal access to pat-down perks.
Low paying jobs in construction, factory jobs, gardening and overall labor. Undocumented workers urged to apply and enjoy full benefits as only America can provide, including free medical/hospitalization, free college and university education, generous housing and food allowances. To Apply, Bring Voter Pledge to job site..
Circus Performers Wanted to juggle books, do flip-flops, walk a tight wire, clown around on job to lighten atmosphere, and those with Ringmaster experience to deliver and project dramatic announcements with long impressive adjectives. Ability to manage a three ring circus necessary.  Job location: Washington, D.C. Preference given to those who are adept at using a whip and chair to tame republicans.
Being in the "re-distribute the wealth" age with everyone being treated equally, this job opening just might be the key:
Lawrence Livermore Labs, Livermore, California:  "Men wanted to work on nuclear fissionable isotopes, molecular reactivity counters and three phase cyclotronic uranium photo synthesizers. No experience necessary."  Non-Skilled Workers-Arise!  A new day has come You will never again be turned aside because of a lack of experience, knowledge or training, thanks to The One who is dedicated to putting everyone on equal footing…...
These 'job offers,' are not too far off base. A few years ago in San Francisco, an ad was placed in The Chronicle and The Examiner seeking, "Demonstrators to take part in events and to carry signs. Pay, $5.75 per hour." That was minimum wage in those days This also proves that what is being accepted as public uprisings against social injustice, special rights and war protests are not spontaneously taking place amongst the masses as they would have us believe. Most of the "demonstrators" have no specific ideloogy nor do they have a dog in the fight but are HIRED to make it appear that the public has been aroused by government injustices and, "an outraged public has spoken" (rather than a hired, well-calculated orchestrated event to weaken the government for the purposes of those who would rule us.)
Jobs in the Porn industry are plentiful and fully backed by the Obama administration, and continue to rise. This news item that just broke in The New York Post tells us that New York City sez it is OK to check out porn in the public libraries. Yep, drooling over pornography in public places and checking out porn books is 'protected by the First Amendment' saith they. It is NOT!
The Constitution does NOT protect freedom of perversion or sex itself since it always affects another person, including those sitting in the vicinity of a computer with porn on it or an open porn book. That Amendment was Freedom of SPEECH, which was constructed to mean that we can give an opinion to someone verbally or by publication (such as by this writer) regarding the government or the president (small p since legality is in question,) assuring that citizens who speak out will not be subject to arrest, prison or even murder. THAT is what The First Amendment was meant to protect.
In any case, this news item is further proof that the economy is up since producers of porn also have job protection from Obama and His Attorney General. So rejoice! Obama has indeed given us 'change,' which he promised to do.

It's time to go out for another walk…a long one this time..