Tuesday, April 26, 2011


From: Tony Caputo


Rubbing America's nose in it

What did you think of Obama's Good Friday and Easter proclamations?

Having a hard time remembering them?  That would be because he did not issue any this year.  He issued neither a Good Friday nor Easter proclamation.

Presidential proclamations are one of the ceremonial things that every President does.  Obama seems to take delight in doing them badly.  He has issued proclamations for every Muslim holiday.  He issued an incredibly politically correct and inclusive Easter greeting last year to every faith.

Hello?  Easter and Good Friday are exclusively Christian.

By an overwhelming majority, Americans are at the very least culturally Christian.  Many of them are practicing Christians.  Obama issued a lengthy proclamation for Earth Day, but of course that is an environmentalist religious holiday.

The White House spokesman made a big deal of the fact that Obama went to church on Sunday and did an Easter egg roll.  Of course the Easter egg roll would ordinarily be absolutely a no go. But Obama atoned for his sin by including convicted felons.  

Obama's church adventure is as deliberate as everything else he does.  Every Church Obama goes to is a church that has a racist pastor.   Obama's trip to the Shiloh Baptist church was complete with preacher Wallace Charles Smith announcing that his four week old grandson was complaining that the constitution, as written considered him only to be a 3/5 person.   I suspect the kid just needs a new diaper. 

Smith at one time compared Rush Limbaugh to the KKK.

Obama is not incompetent.  His oversight of the Easter holiday is not an accident.  Most Americans celebrate Easter.  We take Good Friday off and many Americans only go to church on Christmas and Easter.    Obama ignored Easter because it represents traditional America to him.  It represents everything about America that he hates.

Some think Obama is a Muslim.  After all, he issues proclamations for all of the Muslim holidays.  He has a radical Islamist on his White House Advisory Council on Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.  He made outreach to Arab-Muslim countries a priority.  He even told the Director of NASA his mission was to make Muslim countries feel good about their contributions to science.

Obama is not a Muslim. 

He is an Islamist sympathizer.  Obama, who is a Marxist, has no real religious beliefs.  He is most likely an atheist.   He sympathizes with the Islamists because they are the enemy of the people he also hates.  Islamists hate Christians and Jews. Islamists hate America.  Islamists hate freedom and anyone who would stand against their evil.

Don't expect another Easter proclamation from Obama.  To be honest, I don't care.  I simply want the un-American President gone from the White House.

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