Monday, March 7, 2011

Hanging America

gary bray

For this reason, ever since I heard about your faith in the Lord Jesus and your LOVE for all the saints, Eph 1:15

All the stops are being pulled to avoid the Obama Depression settling into the discussion.  This economic disaster would be tragic if it wasn’t intentional. From the moment he and his radical buddies took over the helm of this great ship of Freedom they have pushed to destroy the capitalistic model and replace it with a communist dictatorship and now we have the results. As gas becomes a scarcer and scarcer commodity everyone will be punished equally as the Inner Circle continues to live the lives of the rich and famous. It is no coincidence that every Mubarak dictator around the world has to fly planeloads of gold from their capitals while the people starve, it is what Central Skimming is all about.

We are seeing gold…er…gas rocketing past $3.50 a gallon while people are doing everything they can do to keep their tanks full and their mortgages paid. This has caused a devastating earthquake in the transportation markets as rising costs are forcing businesses to shut down. Premier Hussain simply looks it as a way to force his subjects out of their cars to take his 1920’s public transit. In reality, everything you buy and use has fuel cost and you are going to have to pay accordingly higher prices to cover those costs. Last week the trucking industry basically shut down as trucks were parked when they couldn’t afford to move. This is stopping any so called recovery and sending us deeper into the Obama Depression. Do we see him having any compassion in the slightest for the suffering he is causing this Country? Not in the slightest, he is perhaps the coldest man in America.

We saw some creative cooking of the books to make the unemployment rate came down this week. Nobody outside of the Bama reelection committee or as some people still call “the media” believe those numbers, yet they crowed about the numbers like they were real. Once the stock market analyzed the fraud and realized Gallup’s 10.3 was accurate it tumbled. The more important number is the price of gas as we farmers move into their spring planting season.  If they don’t have fuel for their planting we are looking at some severe food shortages of our own next fall. In addition to fuel their fertilizer costs are going up and all of their production expenses from power to spraying are necessarily skyrocketing. When we start seeing the Midwest begin to look like the Central Valley we are going to have some major problems feeding ourselves let alone the rest of the world. Do we see any compassion at all from our dictator, of course not only lectures?

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There is only one way to avoid this second Obameltdown which is to release the oil in the Gulf and Alaska. You can trace the first meltdown to some outside entity that was colluding with the obozo campaign making a run on our banks and this one is putting two taps to the back of America’s head. He knows he has his foot on our throat by cutting off the Gulf and will continue to do so until the people make it clear they have had enough. We need our Reps to start pointing to the oil shortage and make him address it rather than going along to get along. There is not going to be any getting along with people who are set on our destruction even if it is to protect their earth gods, we need to develop our resources. We have to rebuild the foundation of any stable economy which is a reliable energy source or sources. It is time to become adults rather than sissies hugging caribou to leave something sustainable for future generations.

We may have to starve for 18 mos until we can take out the rest of the trash, but in the meantime we need to educate the people as to why they have to pay $4/gal. They need to understand you can’t have affordable gas if you don’t have a steady supply of oil. You can’t heat your house for under $100/mo unless you have a steady supply of electricity and an abundant fuel like coal or natural gas to generate it. You can’t have a healthy economy without a steady supply of energy so we are now living in the nest that we neglected to build.

We are starving because the commie libs wanted to acquire power and the best way to do that was to make problems and blame it on the evil capitalists. They have had one of the best media campaigns ever developed with their alliance of TV and Hollyweird to brainwash America into believing energy was bad. They have vilified every part of the energy production industry no matter how far they had to stretch the truth to the point of making our own noose and pulling our own lever. We now sit at the end of our own rope doing the hanged man’s dance wondering how we got here. We got here by treachery, cult worship, naivety and apathy, so here we are.

The only way to get out is to pull out our knives and cut off the rope of communism and take that long fall to the ground, pick ourselves up and get back to work. No more apathy or intimidation by the left but time to fight for our Country by whatever rules they invent. This will require fighting back harder than they have fought to build our gallows. The first step is doing everything you can to defeat every candidate from dogcatcher to President who is an enemy of capitalism and replace them with people who understand energy is the breath of economic life.

Pray for America