Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Does It Make Sense To You?

Big parts of the world are going to hell in a hand basket; most of the world's financial stability is in shambles; America is more divided than it's been since the Civil War, and Barry Soetoro is playing golf!

Someone asked, "Where is his passion"? I got news for you; the only passion narcissists feel is for them, and the Narcissist-in-Chief is no exception. Cool? He's not cool; he just doesn't have any empathy for any human being, nor does he care for the real American people. In could very well be that he despises all American-born people as defined in the Constitution.

Some people even think he's anti-American! Now, why would that be? A quick look at his "accomplishments" in the first two years of his usurped mandate, and the unconstitutional ways in which he's rammed down the people's throats against their will, everything he stands for and they are against, could indeed give you a clue.

You have seen me write often about contrasts between the true Republicans and the watered-down version of the old Democrats caused by the extreme left, now having the upper hand in that party.

Well, while the Conservatives/Libertarians etc. from the right are genuinely sad and empathetic with the people of Japan, the scum of the left (not the true Dems, the others) are using the suffering of so many Japanese people, to push their anti-nuclear program. Talk about heartless opportunism!

Needless to say that the Marxist-controlled Jurassic Media are on the same page as the fraudulent current administration and hide the most important elements every reporter must underline. They are using fear to sell newspapers, radio and television time regardless of how damaging it could be for the nation. Remember, the glass is either half full or half empty. Why do they always choose the latter?

The world's worst nuclear accident with disastrous consequences was in Chernobyl.  There, many deaths were reported immediately with the potential of up to four thousand more, eventually, due to radiation.

The Three Mile Island accident in the U.S. didn't have any deaths. The current one in Japan has had, so far, no deaths as a result of the nuclear catastrophe. All deaths reported have been a result of the most devastating quake recorded thus far, or the brutal tsunami that ensued.

According to the environazis, who want the world to return to the era of the horse and buggy, if you fall of your horse, bicycle or have a car accident (even if it is the other person's fault) you should quit riding any of them. Now I don't know about you, but I have always been told that if you fall of your horse bike or have a car accident, and a lack of injuries permit it, you should get right back on that horse (etc.) and avoid being fearful of it.

If I'm not mistaken, that's the spirit that made America the top nation in the world until the so-called progressives (nice word if it had any relation with what they stand for) took over the Democratic Party.

We all know that the Hypocrats want to outlaw the use of coal, gasoline, natural gas, and oil, as sources of energy. What's left? Mennonite life-style? We're going to need an awful lot of horses, chariots and the grass and water to feed them as well as a great manpower to keep the streets and stables clean.

One more thing, who's going to teach the little old ladies how to drive and control their vehicles and how to brake if the horse(s) is/are spooked?

Our modern homes are not equipped for horses and wagons anymore, so I guess we will have to build homes to accommodate them. Then of course, homes will need fireplaces in every room or at least floor plus a big hearth like in the old days.

Where will we get all that wood which we will need to heat and cook? Come to think of it, wouldn't all that burning create more pollution than our modern methods do?

Barry Soetoro has read (and probably memorized parts of) the Communist Manifesto and The Rules for Radicals, since we know from classmates that he could recite parts of the Qur'an without an accent. He sure is a clever man.

He knows how to distract the voters from his shortcomings and, he also knows he's under a cloud. No one has been able to ascertain the level of fraud and corruption that organizations friendly to Mr. Soetoro have utilize to get him elected in 2008. We know that people like Mickey Mouse were registered as legal voters, several times…

Many of the "values" espoused by the extreme left to put the fear on the average voter and gain control, have been totally discredited, i.e. anthropogenic Global Warming, you know, Al Gore's favorite pet cause with which he's made a fortune, though totally unexpected, I'm sure.

The Resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C., has reportedly spent $2 million trying to fend of challenges to his birth certificate etc. Isn't it time that the New Congress takes the matter seriously and forces Barry to show his documents?

Doesn't Congress realize that if he doesn't have them, America's nightmare is over?  This is the chance they've been waiting for and if they miss it, it will be at their own peril.

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero