Monday, March 28, 2011

Blood for Oil

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in LOVE. Eph 4:2

Ah, Rio and Carnival is so nice this time of year to visit as Dictator of a Country. While you continue punish your Country with illegal bans and regulations you enjoy the joys and festivities of Brazil with your family. Then of course since you have imposed unconstitutional moratorium on drilling for oil and your subjects are struggling to fill their tanks and pay their mortgages you make sure Rio's gummit owned Petrobras will have plenty of money to drill in the way you forbid your oil companies. Wasn't that Gulf spill fortuitous? You also assure their fellow communist leader America will buy all the oil they can drill since you plan on bankrupting, nationalizing and closing the American oil industry, how thoughtful. Those assurances will help bring more investment into their risky deep water drilling since they are a bit cash poor so your guarantee should help bring investors. How tyrannical of you.

If only Present Obama cared as much about America as he does Brazil and South America. If only he was as much at war with Iraq, Trashcanistan and Libya as he is with America they would be over. If only he had a passion for anything other than his hatred for this Country we would be out of this Depression but he doesn't and we aren't. If anybody still doesn't realize he despises America and believes it should be punished for all its past sins and he is the one to bring justice and execution they aren't paying attention. Certainly none of the beltway Republib pundiots have noticed while sipping their Chablis while laughing at Conservatives. His trip to Rio with his entourage was not only an amazing vacation, it was his sign he had the oil industry squarely in his sights for destruction. What communist dictatorship in the world doesn't control the energy of his people to own them?

If his goal is to be the Stalin of America and he has 18 months to do it, why wouldn't he be trying to destroy the energy industry? If he doesn't kill the economy to remake it into his one world commie utopia all of his lifetime goals will be crushed and capitalism will have a chance to recover. If he is thrown out of office it would mean that America will be lost and have a chance to exploit all of the people around the world who they have exploited in the past. If he is tossed out on his oversized ear by Palin then America will be able to exploit his precious resources like coal and oil as they have in the past making America thriving on her own and he can't have that. He knows America is a racist Country who has held the Black man down for 250 years and needs to give reparations which he is going about doing that through redistribution. His trip to Rio was to promise some of that distributing.

We are dealing with a severely brainwashed communist dictator. From the moment he was born he has been exposed to absolute hatred of America. From his mom to his grandparents all through school and the Chicago race machine he has been taught to hate America, capitalism and Whitey. Unlike most commie libs he has been exposed to the most militant of this brand of communism through Reverend Wrightwing church, Bill Ayers, Valarie Jerrett and his radical groups in Chicago. Throw in the fact he and his cronies were a part of the Chicago corruption by exploiting public housing as well as public healthcare and you ended up with a Stalinist who had a chip on his shoulder the size of Georgia. The irony he has ordered the bombing of poor Blacks in Libya with all the collateral damage and imperialistic mayhem only proves God has a sense of humor. He is now guiltier than George W Bush rushing to an illegal blood for oil war against Islam while he wallows in his sanctimony.

His ultimate goal is to destroy our economy and crucial to that goal is the destruction of the one industry that is still surviving, Big Oil. He has nationalized Auto, Banking and Healthcare so the last one standing is Oil. Our ultimate goal is to survive his final 18 months and continue the American dream. We need to support the remaining capitalistic industry that hasn't been destroyed completely. Many of the drilling companies have already been bankrupted in Louisiana as the overhead for those drillers are massive and have been hurt by his illegal moratorium so we have to support the companies left. We have been brainwashed into hating Big Oil but they are providing a vital service to keep capitalism flowing. We have to turn our thoughts around into supporting these companies and realize their profits turn into our profits. Their profits make the truckers and farmers as well as the store's profits. We all benefit from a healthy energy industry although we have been programmed to believe just the opposite. We have been taught to look at these companies and their ability to make money through the prism of commie liberal eyes, who see it as exploitation and theft. The oil industry is the lifeblood of capitalism which is why they hate it.

We have to learn to see it as survival of America and a valuable service to the economy. We need to see Big Oil as the capitalistic economies of scale being necessary to develop large enough resources to feed this great ship. We have to deprogram ourselves to understand the greatest weapon against oppression and slavery is a free market and the lifeblood of that free market is the free flow and production of oil.

The more we can produce on our own and the more freedom we will enjoy. George $oro$ and Chairman Maobama understand that concept completely and is why they partied in Rio, while their greatest fear is that these oil companies will survive to start the recovery from their well planned Depression. Their greatest fear is America and its will to survive which would put an end to their one world communist gummit. Dr Evil understands the need for Oil and it's time for Americans to understand it and the real war we are fighting. It ain't in Libya, Iraq or Afghanistan it's in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska against America. This is Revolutionary War 2.0's Bunker Hill and the war is ragin against a tyrannical king and his boy Present.

Pray for America