Saturday, February 26, 2011

Where the Good and Righteous Go, the Worthless and Wicked Soon Follow

Ben Sieira.

This is not an essay about any particular person, since there is good and evil in all parts of the world.  Those who would consider the scriptures of the Holy Bible to be truth understand where we are in the course of the ages.  Anybody with a firm grip on truth will already recognise these things and these times.  What truth?  The truth of which Pilate only rhetorically questioned in passing, as do so many who would rather not know, since wide is the way that leads to destruction, but narrow the way to life.  This is not a research report or something to open eyes that are shut since only God can open eyes and ears and hearts, but rather just a reminder to the faithful that all the evil that we see going on has an end, and that end is clearly in sight to those who have eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart that understands.  For any who have not chosen, you will soon have no choice but two.  Will you serve God or self?

When I was young, I used to wonder why it was that most things that start out well seem to turn nasty after a while, seem to end up attracting the ‘wrong’ people.  Businesses, non profit organisations, governments and even nations.  So, why is this?  Ever noticed that whenever the courageous and virtuous, though often but not always poor people, go to build a new life for themselves to escape their oppressors, once they are established and they raise a flag of freedom from the tyranny of the usurpers, monstrous demigods that they fled from, soon after the wicked will follow?  Wherever the righteous go, God is with them and they find themselves productive, since the goodness and mercy of God follows and reveals the treasures of the earth to these hard toiling but faithful.  They soon enough make great progress with all manner of needs met, and then some.  They soon find wealth is drawing nigh, all manner of good things become their possessions and all this is without stealing or killing or doing any kind of evil, so God greatly blesses them for their faith in Him, for they are the image of God in the earth, despite their imperfections, since it is the Holy Spirit who creates the image of God in mankind.

But the evil ones cannot stand this, they cannot stand by as the very ones they despise are lifted up and they are themselves oppressed, by their own hand.  The wicked are ultimately trodden down by their own devices, oppression follows their evil deeds and turns on them, since they are incapable of governing their own craven selves whose lusts have long since taken control, then inevitably the ever-increasing burden of external governance crushes them, their own decaying standards become wearisome to them and, the righteous having fled, then these wicked have nothing to steal and possess unrighteously nor anybody to oppress but each other, for their minds are too darkened to see what is right under their noses, or their feet.  All the wealth and treasures of the earth are in every place, but it takes God's own vision to see them, not for what they appear to be, but for what they can or will be.  The wicked do not have God’s vision.  They are blind.

No sooner, however, do the righteous rise up as a great nation, even if yet small, than those wicked they left behind begin to turn green with envy of such great wealth and prosperity, covetousness overtakes their darkened and blinded minds, and they start accusing the righteous of evil deeds, of obtaining their wealth by all manner of evil, of stealing it, of usurping them of their rights, but this was not easily possible in America, since it was a remote place of which the monsters had not yet taken great control.  So what did the teeny-tiny-minded satans do instead?  They followed the righteous and invaded America with their ‘idiotologies’ and brought their Godless concept – naturalism – and all of its insane consequences – evolutionism, socialism, environmentalism, etcetera, all essentially some form of or rooted in paganism, which at its heart is the doctrine of devils, and had its source in the godless pagan minds of ancient Babylon.  “Now”, said they, “the righteous are robbing the earth itself, they are raping it and destroying it, they are consuming the flesh of the (pagan) goddess and leaving nothing for everybody else.  They must be stopped!  We must take control before there is nothing left!”  So whispered into the ears of fools were the words of the master deceiver, their spiritual father, Satan.

The righteous are not merely lucky, since luck is a superstition born of an unregenerate mind.  The righteous are righteous, and though they suffer at times through testing, God is with them.  The wicked, too, are merely wicked and the wicked will never understand.  God is with the righteous, not the wicked.  It is by God that we receive our understanding of truth and a proper perception of the creation, by Him that we receive the power to gain wealth without resorting to theft and all manner of evil.  God looks into the soil of the earth and by His words out of it comes every living thing.  Then He looks deeper into it and out of it comes all form of precious stone and metal and mineral and fuel and resource of every kind, and with the minds of His creatures created He the power to eliminate poverty and suffering, disease and squalor, every evil that has beset mankind since his fall from the perfection in which he was created, but the darkened minds of wicked people can never understand, since they have no vision, for true vision is of God, false is of the devil.  However, even the wicked gain the benefit of such true vision for God is merciful and His children share, God is not willing that any should needlessly perish so He even bestows the unrepentant with some illumination at times, but it is ultimately for the sake of His loved ones that His vision enters the minds of mankind, it is for Christ.

The wicked are deceived by their own understanding, by their very own foolishness that they declare to be truth, but it is always some form of circular reasoning, some kind of relativism, as is their imagined morality.  All is in free-fall, since it is not tethered to the truth which has no rival or need of anybody's approval, since truth is truth whether one is there to witness it or not, it is independent of human thought or reason, absolute, it is wisdom itself and is in the heart of God, but at the bottom of the pit into which the wicked plunge are the very fires of hell.

The righteous flee to safety, to a better land, but it is not better because it offers more wealth.  The wealth of every nation is the result of the vision and blessing of God through the hands, or for the sake, of the faithful, since in every place His faithful can somewhere be found.  The wealth is not a limited supply, it is not merely what we see before us.  The power of the righteous comes by the vision and word of God.  Wherever the righteous reside, even the wicked prosper, but their greed eventually destroys every gain that has been made, eventually bringing their society to a grinding halt.  For the sake of even ten righteous, God withheld the destruction of the city of Sodom, yet there are places in this age that have gone beyond Sodom.

Remember the first digital computers?  They occupied tons of space, used enormous amounts of energy, were incredibly slow and heavy and performed only the simplest of mathematical operations with very coarse resolution.  Yet it was not their physical limitations at that time that determined their capacity to ultimately fulfil certain requirements.  It was the concepts, the ideas behind them that made it possible, the information itself, of true knowledge and a correct understanding of reality, and such is the endless resource by which everything else comes into being.  Now, the power of such cumbersome computing beasts can be found in silicon virtually the size of the pointy end of a pin.  Mankind reached the moon using what now amounts to a wristwatch computer despite the fact that God gave mankind dominion over only the earth.  That is a generous God, in spite of evil men.  Yet, even the biggest and most powerful supercomputers in the world today, all combined, do not even hold a candle to the complexity of the brains of the tiniest insects!

Recall there was a time when people had to consume a forest of trees just to keep from freezing to death in the winter.  Then came the flashes of insight that brought gas and electricity, then eventually nuclear fission power, and next will be nuclear fusion, clean and potentially never-ending, but more likely something better still will come, if only mankind would shed the Godless mindset that has erroded his capacity to understand.  De-evolution is what we actually have.

How can anybody, once having grasped any concept of the unbelievably immense complexity, yet on such a microscopic scale, of the accomplishment of God in the creation of man, then stoop to believe that earthly resources could ever run out?

Can the wicked understand this?  Or do they believe as did one back in the 19th century who foolishly and arrogantly declared, “everything that can be invented has been invented,” which is in essence saying, “everything that can be known, I already know”?  Such a foolish person would likely also say in his heart that, “there is no God.”  Only in the darkness of an unregenerate mind, by the complete lack of God's vision, can such a nonsense ever be contrived, and only in spiritual death which leads inexorably to its completion, its complete fulfilment, in eternal physical death, can such darkness reside.  You must be born again of water and of the spirit, born into God's kingdom through Christ, to see life and true light and to know God.

How can anyone, with any correct understanding of the true Creator, believe that the earth could ever be overpopulated and its resources exhausted?  If this is so, it is not for lack of materials, but rather it is for lack of vision and understanding, the vision of the Creator.  When the wicked step in and take control, progress eventually stops as the lust of their eyes takes hold of all that is before them and their greed overwhelms them, but population growth does not cease, so of course, under the rule of the wicked, things do eventually become scarce, as the continued use of now outdated technologies when better has already been made available in a growing world will eventually lead to systemic failure, and the solution of the wicked is mass murder.  Clearly not all uses of new technologies have been wise, but carefully examine the motives of those who took control of it and to what end.  By their fruits you shall know them.

It is clear that under the oppressive rule of wickedness the creation groans, the people groan, and as that wickedness waxes ever more powerful in its deception through such charades as the UN and all corrupted, earthly governments and pagan institutions like environmental NGOs and so forth, all born of fear and not truth, then the burden of legislation and laws seeking to control every detail of every aspect of every single life on the planet becomes so great that turmoil and tribulation is the only outcome, and eventually total and complete death.  The very thing that the wicked claim to fight is the thing they have given birth to – death on a planetary scale – and the longer they rule, the worse it becomes.  For this reason, said Christ that the end will be cut short for the sake of the elect, His elect, His faithful, His chosen ones who love Him and make it their life's work to seek Him out.  But as for the wicked, the pagans, idolaters, worshippers of creation and not of the Creator, seekers of self-indulgent pleasures, all of them murderers in their hearts like their father the devil, lovers of self and not of God, they are themselves the harbingers and fulfillers of their own doomsday prophecies.  There are many as yet undecided minds in the world, but ultimately there will be only two camps, and only one will remain forever.

Do not be confused and think that man has the image of God.  Only the regenerate in Christ are the image of God on the earth.  Anything less than the presence of God’s own Spirit cannot be considered the image of God.  The remainder are the image of fallen man, becoming the image of Satan, as has been the case since man allowed the evil one to usurp his own authority on the earth by obeying his instruction on the basis of a lie.  Some are infantile satans, who have not grown up to be full blown weeds, they waste their lives in the pursuit of personal gain and sensual pleasures, the tares sown in the field of good wheat planted by the Lord.  Others are fully grown tares, with full heads of worthless seed, both individually and corporately, like the UN and the EU government and now the US government and other national governments who have foolishly given their allegiance by way of treaties to the image of the beast, the UN, Satan’s household managers on the earth.  Not every person therein is wicked, but the sign of this age is the dominance of evil thought.

They are the thieves and murderers, they rob by way of manipulated usary and legislation that steals the landrights of people everywhere who by the sweat of their brow gained what little they have, which is now taken from them under the deceitful claims of environmental management.  They poison the air and the water and the food so that all may suffer and fail to procreate, another sacrifice to the pagan goddess.  They invent crises, instigate wars and cause financial collapse to bring about great fear and force submission to their control.  You know who they are.  Their time is almost at hand.  The Christian biblical scripture can never fail.  Christ Himself declared it so.  Thus, we who know our Lord and Saviour, and I mean know Him, not just know about Him, we know the end of things ahead of time, and the end of the unrepentant, wicked ones who bear the image of Satan. We were all born into the lie, but some die to the lie and are reborn into the light, and some do not since they love the darkness and falsely believe that it obscures their secret sins.

As for food to feed a growing population, it is a self-renewing resource and a need that a loving Heavenly Father will not deny us, likewise clean, pure water, building materials such as wood and nails, textiles such as wool or cotton, and the right to gain these off the land possessed by a God-given right to live, except that by unregenerate mankind's own wickedness he ultimately denies this to himself, for the unregenerate mind, the dead spirit, lacks God's vision.  So depraved become such minds that they call God’s handiwork a ‘cancer on the face of the earth.’  Will the Lord tolerate that forever?

As for other resources of material kind, what we need a ton of soil for now, in a century and with God's vision, we will need only a pound, in two only an ounce, in three we will find a never ending supply by a limited quantity, since the supply of true wealth comes by true vision and indeed IS that vision, and true vision is a correct understanding of the only reality which comes only, absolutely only, by the vision of the Creator of all things, the Everliving God, and inasmuch as His image is multiplied throughout the earth, so is His vision.  The fear of the only true God is the beginning of wisdom and to seek God and His Kingdom is the first thing we are commanded by Christ to do.  All the rest will follow.  Love Him for that is the meaning of all the law and the prophets.  Trust Him for that is the meaning of faith.

Psalm 145 : 20

“The LORD preserveth all them that love Him: but all the wicked will He destroy.”

Proverbs 10: 30

“The righteous shall never be removed: but the wicked shall not inhabit the earth.”

Isaiah 44 : 18

“They have not known nor understood: for He hath shut their eyes, that they cannot see; and their hearts, that they cannot understand”

Isaiah 57 : 20, 21

“But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt.  There is no peace, saith my God, to the wicked.”

Daniel 12 : 10

“Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.”

You righteous in Christ stand fast and firm!

The unrepentant wicked will NEVER understand!