Saturday, September 11, 2010

Is he for real?

Hi again, folks! I’m sorry to address you so soon after my last diatribe, but there are times when one can’t help it. Perhaps you could blame it on television or our modern ways of communication since news fly in front of our eyes seconds after events take place.

I had to listen to Barry Soetoro, once more, defending the Ground Zero Mosque. Paraphrasing him and some of the liars who surround him: “Let me be clear about this” (for those of you who don’t speak politenglish, it means he’ll circumvent the topic and end up not being clear about anything). If…you can build a Church (presumably Christian); if you can build a Synagogue; if you can build a Hindu Temple, you can build a Mosque there.

Well, Monsieur Le President, “let me be clear about this,” you don’t have a clue of what this is all about. No one, to my knowledge, has ever said that the Islamist Imam (already proven that he is) doesn’t have the constitutional right to build a Mosque on the chosen site. The question is: Should he?

As per your typical Marxist-style comparison with other faith’s temples, is like comparing apples to bananas. News Flash, Mr. Prez! Neither the Jews, nor the Christians, or the Hindus, have ever attacked the City of New York or any part of the American soil. So in spite the efforts of your comrades in the left-wing party to re-write history so as to accommodate your collective agenda (upon which I presume rests your collective salvation), I don’t see the connection.

Why don’t we make a deal with Islam? We’ll even help you build the Mosque as soon as all Muslim countries let us build churches and synagogues in their countries as well as guarantee protection of the non-Muslims on their soil. Fair enough? Meanwhile, if Muslims here do not conform to our laws and respect our people, we will whip them in the same manner they flog their women when, in their opinion, they step out of bound.

One of the problems in our society is that we are so darn democratic that we allow our enemies to turn our laws against us and manipulate our responses. For instance, Imam Rauf has used his knowledge of English to carefully instruct his peers to retaliate against Americans if the Mosque is not allowed in the chosen site and/or if that idiot in Florida goes ahead and burns the Qur’an. Make no mistake; in his TV interview he wasn’t addressing Americans; he knows full well that the interview will be carried by all Muslim stations and his words translated. Could it have been a call “for help”? It could.

“Let me be clear about this,” except that in my case, not being a politician, I’m not speaking politenglish; just plain English. I don’t have a problem with any faith, as long as we’re not attacked by some its members with the implicit consent of the rest of them. But when Radical Islam swears to destroy all non-Muslims and, those so-called moderate Muslims do not do anything to stop them, I have to change my tune.

If we cannot live together in peace and Islamists insist in carrying an open war against us, I got news for you; we were here first so if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the bloody kitchen! One of your constitutional rights allows you to freely go back where you came from. Personally, I would prefer an amicable solution to the problem but if that doesn’t work…

A special note to Mr. Soetoro: I’ve noticed that you either tried to re-write history or make an honest mistake (probably the latter) during one of your first speeches abroad. There were no Muslims, zero, zip, ninguno, nesuno, keine, pas de Musulmans, on the Mayflower, so I’m not sure what you were referring to when you mentioned the great contributions of Islam in early America.

But what do I know? I’m only a white, Conservative, male Christian, so I must be ignorant on top of expendable.

Joseph A. Gamero